The Week's (Recommended) Telly (and Radio)
handpicked by Ivan Methuselah.

Saturday 20th October
10.05pm, BBC1: Parky
Billy Connolly again.

Sunday 21st
5:25pm, C4: Scrapheap
Does anyone understand the championship structure at work here?
8pm, C5: The Mole
Supposed to be really good. Like a Chatsworth adventure game show. Supposed.
10pm, C4: FILM: Jackie Brown
At last it's arrived.

Monday 22nd
8:30pm, BBC2: Adam Hart-Davis in a Bathing Costume
9pm, C4: The Fire of London.
Monday is history day on UKTV.

Tuesday 23rd
10pm, Radio 1: John Peel
Magoo in session.

6:30pm, Radio 4: Hitch-Hiker
10pm, Radio 1: John Peel
Garlic in session.

6:45pm, BBC2: Buffy
10pm, Radio 1: John Peel
Mull Historical Society in session.
12:40am (Friday), C4: Late Night Poker
This week, Devilfish.

6:20pm, BBC2: Simpsons
Homer's got a gun.
11pm, BBC2: Newsnight Review
freakish line-up tonight.
11:35pm, BBC2: Later...
Have Pulp finally lost it? Find out tonight.
1:20am (Sat), BBC2: Buffy
Like Thursdays but raunchier.
Not forgetting: - Doctor Who
Part two of The Wheel in Space (cybermen)