~Media   Productions~

Audio/Visual Woman Productions
are a media publishing company,
producing a variety of programmes in the media of
Television, Radio, Film, and Literature.
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Here are a few of our productions,
some of which contain naughty words:...

Don Brennan Page (20th Nov '98)
 DDT's Unix Page (Nov? '98)
John Craven: A short biography (25th Jan '99)
  A New Soap (26th Feb '99)
A/V Woman Downloads Page (15th May '99)

And now, the A/V Woman Commercial Sector:
 The A/V Woman Commercial Sector (Mar? '99)
Wish You Were Here/Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Mar? '99)
Fred Harris`s BASIC Page (Apr? '99)

25th Feb 1999

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