Welcome to the
A/V Woman
~Corporate Suite~

Welcome to the A/V Woman Productions Corporate Suite.
Here we deliver the cream of entertainment at a price that's nice.
The very best of  A/V Woman entertainment is available through orafices at this web-site.
Some of the finest lingerie and camphor wood has been used in the production of this site.
Visitors are warned that they may experience certain funny smells.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We have no record of what this page may have looked like,
beyond a dim memory that there was a different picture of Mr Chips
and the title font was a Serif version of the standard header.
Here we've gone with the ComSec colour scheme;
on the previous page we'd gone with the standard colour scheme.

Maybe the blurb (from a later version of this page) was here back then...
The colours (similar to those we've used in the title here)
support the idea that it might have been.
But we'll probably never know.