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Welcome to the A/V Woman Productions Corporate Suite.
Here we deliver the cream of entertainment at a price that's nice.
The very best of  A/V Woman entertainment is available through orifices at this web-site.
Some of the finest lingerie and camphor wood has been used in the production of this site.
Visitors are warned that they may experience certain funny smells.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

last update: 21st May 2002

The New Soap (26th Feb '99)
(Revised and Recut)

The Great York Pub Guide (7th Jan '00)
(Now incorporating the Small Sheffield Pub Guide)

AView (24th Oct '01)
(Featuring Ivan Methuselah's review of the week's television)

A/V Woman Archives (2nd Feb '02)
(Incorporating a history of this site)

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ACNC (Jan? '00)

This web site is based in a universe different to the one you are in now.
The difference is that in your universe, George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, got shot in 1628.
In the universe of this web site, he was lost at sea in 1627.

Latest Updates:
This index is based on the one from May 2002.
So "latest" is a long time ago.

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