Aidan Ross
Aidan Ross
Re: A brief history of the site
Hi Eve, At risk of replicating the Archive page...

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Aidan Ross
Aidan Ross
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Re: A brief history of the site
To: Eve Harper-St.James

Hi Eve,
At risk of replicating the Archive page...

2:01am GMT, 20º November 1998; G/169, Goodricke College, University of York: welcome.htm is saved for the very first time. About three hours later, goes online. A/V Woman Media Productions is born.

In March 1999, space issues lead the site to expand into an ad-funded annexe: the A/V Woman Commercial Sector at

From April 1999 the York address changes to

In July 1999, another ad-funded annexe is brought into being: the A/V Woman Corporate Suite at

In June(?) 2000, the material from the York site is rehoused at the other two sites (mostly the Corporate Suite), prior to the closure of the York account at some point after October 2000.

In September 2000, Xoom rebrands as NBCi, changing the address to

The earliest impression of A/V Woman on's Wayback Machine comes from 10º July 2001 (although it had been that way since 11º April when the pages got a sleek new look with a stained-glass logo and a bespoke Mr Chips for the first time (not counting swirly animations)). Our previous impressions are taken from 3½" floppies. Five days afer this snapshot was taken, NBCi closes and the site goes offline.

This leaves the Commercial Sector at Netcolony, which by this point is just housing the ACNC pages. Here it is, represented on the Wayback Machine just another five days later: 20º July 2001.

A holding page appears at in mid-August, prior to the official launch on 31º of that month. A/V Woman is back! The style of the site is a direct continuation of the Corporate Suite that had fallen offline a month and a half earlier. It even retains the "Corporate Suite" name.

Here's the full list of Freeserve pages indexed on the Wayback Machine.

The Freeserve site has a chrome dip on 21º October, with the ComSec getting a neon-logoed redirection page at the same time. Then on 22º May 2002 there's a more drastic overhaul, ditching the 'portrait' scrolling list of the old front page for a minimal landscape view with nothing below the fold. To keep things interesting, the colourscheme and Mr Chips cartoon changes each month. The site name for this period is A/V Woman Productions, though it regains the "Media" a year later when the homepage is revised yet again (losing Mr Chips in favour of a series of digital artworks). This 2003 look sticks around for three years, cycling through the red, green and blue that have become the core accent colours.

The site dabbles with a frameset menu for the year and a half commencing 21º May 2006, and introduces the classic advertising theme we're riffing on with our anniversary Mr Chips. Then on 20º November 2007 there's another dramatic shift in style for our ninth birthday, as we embrace the '40s magazine format: glamourous front cover (changing monthly) with masthead, clicking through to a contents page with side-ads (also changing monthly). This look persists for the next five years, albeit with occasional tweaks to the masthead.

On 20º November 2008, to celebrate our 10th birthday, we move into The Freeserve site, which had been cybercoppicing at capacity for a while, persists with a redirect notice in operation from its front page. The Freeserve webspace finally closes on 20º July 2016. The earliest impression of on the Wayback Machine is as late as 18º July 2011. Here's the full Wayback Machine listing.

Other commitments make the monthly front page renewal more and more of a chore, so on 26º July 2013 the largely unchanging (save the date stamp) teal front page comes into being. The menu page beyond is largely unaltered, but with the changing advertising swapped out for the Lindrick poster. This arrangement stays in place for the next five and a third years, with only one slight redraw of the front page on 1º January 2018.

Which brings us to now, and the 20th Anniversary of A/V Woman! Here for your delectation and delight is a trawl through some recreated front-pages past. Not everything that was once here is still here now, so we've removed the odd item or several. We've also added some creation dates for context. And, in a small handful of cases, we've inserted essay retrospectives on some of the older and longer-lasting sections of the site. We hope you enjoy the trip.

Aidan Ross
General Editor

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> Hey Aidan,
> Could you please whip together a quick gloss of the key points in the history of the AVW site?
> I'm thinking in particular around locations, appearance, etc. -- to sit with our mock-up front pages.
> Many thanks,

Front Pages:
A/V Woman Media Productions - I(1) - 1998

A/V Woman Media Productions | I(1-7) | 20/11/1998 - 06/1999

A/V Woman Commercial Sector - I(4) - 1999

A/V Woman Commercial Sector | I(4) - III(11) | 3/1999 - 20/10/2001

A/V Woman Media Productions - I(8) - 1999

A/V Woman Media Productions | I(8) - III(4) | 07/1999 - 10/04/2001

A/V Woman Corporate Suite - I(8) - 1999

A/V Woman Corporate Suite | I(8) - III(4) | 07/1999 - 10/04/2001

A/V Woman Media Productions - IV(1) - 2001

A/V Woman Productions | III(12) - IV(6) | 21/10/2001 - 21/05/2002

A/V Woman ComSec - III(12) - 2001

A/V Woman Commercial Sector | III(12) - IV(6) | 21/10/2001 - 21/05/2002