Fig. 1: Periodic kFn-1 peak chart (outgoing). Yellow shows normalcy curve in Gm.
Fig. 2: Ingoing variance (periodic kFn-1). Normalcy is F#m due to semitonal fluxions.
Fig. 3: Dropout mutation for 3/7 (5°). Typical of a Monday morning. Curve shows generic triode gain for comparison.
Fig. 4: Broadcast strength under extreme gravitational conditions. Pertinent to low-lying reception areas. 
Fig. 5: Observable Russian Stout effect with severe dropout mutation (cf Fig. 3).
Fig. 6: Rapid-repeater readings for ingoing varience (7bar).
Fig. 7: Demonstrable effects of a singularity on RTF signal fields.
Fig. 8: Scattergram showing the Arafat distribution effect as produced by the interaction of our four separate broadcast streams. The blue is ACNC1, the green is ACNC2, the red is AVText and the yellow is the ACNC Radiophonic Service.