For the aid of some of our more insomnia inclined colleagues, I provide the following analysis of sleep inducing methods:
1.      Go to bed.
        Not always effective.
        Check that temperature is at optimum level, dust is at minimum,
        and brain is not stressed. Noise options are: total silence;
        repetative sound pattern. However, the latter is often
        distracting, and repetition repetition can lead to insanity.
2.      Sleeping Pills:
        Too scary.
3.      Aromatherapy:
        Popular herbal remedies working by producing a smell strong enough
        to knock you unconscious. Cheaper methods using glue or lighter
        fluid can have similar and sometimes more effective results.
        Carbon Monoxide is the best option, but has many side effects,
        including a redenning of the skin, nausea, and death.
4.      Hypnotism:
        Get someone to swing a pendulum in front of your face.
        Unfortunately, in order for hypnotism to be effective you need
        to trust the hypnotist. Paranoia is often a sub-condition of
        insomnia. Hypnotism tapes are very effective, tapping straight
        to your subconscious as you sleep, and relieving your insomnia by
        reprogramming your brain.
5.      Relaxation music:
        Listen to whale sounds. Another insomnia effect is insanity.
        Too many whale sounds may make you believe you are a whale.
6.      Meditation:
        Meditate until your mind is completely empty of all thoughts.
        Side effect here is entering a vegetative state. You might
        also want to consider the benefits of isolation chambers.
7.      Reading boring litrature:
        Try philosophy text-books. Have a tract by Hobbes open on your
8.      Frontal Lobotomy:
        Extreme, but gets rid of all those nagging thoughts that might
        otherwise keep you awake. You might try to achieve similar results
        through self inflicted amnesia. This leads on to the next
9.      Hit yourself on the head with a brick:
        If you find you can't do this to yourself, get a friend to do it
        for you. Bribe them if necesary.
10.     Terrify yourself into a faint:
        After a while, the insomnia may produce hallucinations. Spiders
        are popular images to be seen. Perhaps this is the brain's way
        of trying to carry out this method. Alternatively, tackle your
        phobias head on.
11.     Kill yourself:
        Chopping your head off will often do the trick perfectly.
        Blood-letting may achieve the desired affects of Method 10.
12:     Count sheep:
        This is an age old method. Once I counted over two-thousand.
        Try counting in tens, or perhaps indulge in a little fantasy.
13:     Go on a very very long walk:
        Do as much hard work as you can until your body becomes so
        exhausted that you just collapse.
14:     Become a ninja:
        Instead of trying to fight your insomnia, come to terms with it.
        Use your sleeplessness to your advantage so that you can see
        people approaching the bed when they are trying to kill you
        while you sleep.
15:     Sellotape your eyes shut and listen to white noise:
        essentially similar effects to a sensory deprivation chamber.
        Gloves may dumb the tactile senses, but you may get too
16:     Try new and exciting sleeping positions:
        See if you and your partner can find new ways to enjoy sleeping
        together. For single persons, you might want to improvise
        around Method 12.
17:     Listen to crap, lounge-room jazz, and drink lots of alcohol:
        Either drink just not quite enough for the room to spin, or
        so much that you fall into a coma. Anything between is bad.
18:     Marry someone who is very boring:
        Get them to tell you about their day. Alternatively, you could
        listen to the Moral Maze.
19:     If the bed is too uncomfortable, sleep somewhere more to your
        liking. The world is your futon.
20:     Make peace with your brain:
        Tell people what's on your mind. Kill your enemies if necessary.
        Or make effigies. Force yourself upon those you love, especcially
        if they are not interested. Brainwash them, drug them... solve
        every problem that weighs on your mind.
21:     Finally, if all else fails, resist the urge to celebrate christmas
        every day. Don't look forward to the future. Be utterly
        indifferent towards everything. Father Christmas won't come if you
        are awake, remember.

I hope this helps in some way.