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December 2002


Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200611221221
This is the place for ANSX spoliers.



POG Adept
August 2002


Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200611231524
We know it's set after BS6.
We know it's largely set in Sheffield. 
Rumour is that it will be in a quartered split-screen like Timecode. 
We're expecting some scenes in the now-demolished Town Hall Extension (filmed in 2001).
Postman of the Appocalypse
April 2001


Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200611251894
Confirmed cast:
Ewan McGregor
Jean Reno
Vincent Perez
Guy Pearce
Steve Davis

If it's continuing from BS, we might legitimately expect some of the BS cast to continue over too.


April 2001
Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200611282319
Shooting so far:

THX shooting with Reno, McGregor, Ben Kingsley and Gareth "John" Bowley: largely speculative stuff. Reno and McGregor were shot prior to demolition, Kingsley and Bowley during. But most of the shooting was for set purposes.

I don't think we've seen the last of the Furnival Square shooting. Present for this were Reno and Perez.

Summer: Episode 0 shoot: I understand that a number of scenes were shot for ANSX.
November: Shooting around Tudor Square, Fargate and the Wintergardens. Ben Kingsley involved.

March/April: Dev Green sequence set to continue. Plus Steve in the Crucible.
July: Also safe to expect more from the Hole in the Road shoot.
September: Ewan at Dev Green (as above).
October: Vincent, Jean, Matthew Perry, David Troughton, Leigh Bracknell and Fraser Hines out in Derbyshire.
November: Guy, Hugh Hopper, Neil Dudgeon and Pooky Quesnel take over the police station for the weekend.

Shooting in Guernsey with several Jims.
Studiowork with Jims, Lucy Porter, Heather Nova and various others including Bracknell and Hines.
York University shooting over Easter, with Ewan, Jean, Nick Frost and various others including Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Also some early-morning shoots in York itself, including the Minster. 
Various studio sequences with the main cast plus the likes of Lauren Laverne, Cameron Diaz, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jarvis Cocker. This is the main round of shooting. There is also some shooting in Sheffield Roxy.
Sundry location shooting in Edinburgh, Northumberland, Leeds, Doncaster and the Cotswolds, with Ewan, Jean, Vincent, Steve, Matthew Perry and others. Making of the trailer with Jean.
Shooting in Sheffield General Cemetery with most of the cast.

Spring: Shooting in various locations across Lincolnshire, with Ewan, Nick, Sophie, Vincent, Daniel Craig and others.
Summer: Mop-up shooting: various locations.
Autumn: David Troughton, Jarvis Cocker and Daniel Craig are the main actors in a series of shoots around Sheffield.
Winter: Scheduled final studio shoots; mainly for comp-gen sequences.

Then it's post-production time, with release in April 2007.

Bounty Hunter
April 2001


Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200612011936
So most of the shooting's done then? I knew about the recent Sheffield shoot and last year's cemetery stuff. I saw some of the new business: a car chase through the car-park on Arundel Gate. Most people assumed it was a pop video for Jarvis, but I had other suspiscions.

You've revealed quite a lot of cast there, Leon. Here are my assumptions:

Jean Reno - Leon
Ewan McGregor - Stew
Ben Kingsley - Ant
Gareth Bowley - John
Vincent Perez - Alex
Steve Davis - Jim
Matthew Perry - Omra
David Troughton - Jim (a la Patrick Troughton)
Leigh Bracknell - Zoe (Troughton's companion; Leigh played Zoe in Emmerdale)
Frazer Hines - Jamie (Troughton's other companion; also in Emmerdale)
Guy Pearce - Babysham
Hugh Hopper - Alan
Neil Dudgeon - Marty
Pooky Quesnel - Jade
(several other Jims)
Lucy Porter - ?
Heather Nova - Caroline
Nick Frost - ?
Sophie Ellis-Bextor - (a relation to?) Mary Magdalen or Jemimah Orson?
Lauren Laverne - Bhuvana
Cameron Diaz - Elsie
Sarah Michelle Gellar - herself
Jarvis Cocker - himself?
Daniel Craig - Bond (regenerated?)

Postman of the Appocalypse
April 2001


Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200612032319
Your deductions seem reasonable, Dan.
Some musings:

Is he dead? Or a flashback? Or on another rescue attempt? Or something else?

John Pendlebury
Businessman in search of the CofE. Killed by BS. Turned up in TVH as a gameshow host. What's he doing here? Especially, what's he doing in the THX scenes?
Mad, crazy thought: He's called John and he's got ginger hair. Could John Pendlebury = John Barrett? Nah. Probably not. Why would they have different surnames? 

Not another dream sequence? Or a flashback? Or because he's dead? Seems to have a large role anyway.

JimDT & co.
Interesting this. He seems to be playing a major part in proceedings judging by Leon's shooting schedule.

Her presence makes me wonder... maybe Percy is involved.

Lucy Porter & Nick Frost
Two very funny people. Bodes well. Anyone any idea what they'll be doing? Could Lucy be playing Lucifer? My spider-sense says she's playing a regenerated Anna. As for Nick... Nick Brunswick, perhaps?

Sophie Ellis-Bextor
She scares me. I think Dan is right. She's going to be playing Mary Magdalene or Jemimah in flashback or something. Maybe she too has a claim to the throne.

Is Bhuvana dead? Maybe Leon didn't quite do her in.

She's always been a curious character; a big star with barely any lines to say. Maybe there's more to her than we've been led to believe. Like with Anna. Or maybe not.

How mad will she be?

Jarvis Cocker
What was he up to in BS6? I assumed it was just a cameo. But maybe not, now. 

Will we see him regenerate? Nice bit of casting.


Postman of the Appocalypse
April 2001


Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200612032319 - Edited: 200612032327 by DarthPat
While I'm here... I assume the cemetery sequence is God's funeral...


POG Adept
August 2002


Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200612061201
Thought I'd point out that there's an interview with SJ on ATV tomorrow night. 


December 2002


Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200612081620
So what do we think of that? I'm not sure about this split-screen business.
The Passion of Stew, eh? Haven't we already had that twice?
And as for musical numbers...
Zen Flamencoist
February 2003


Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200612081716
We've had musical numbers before, Quiz, albeit only one or two. It depends what songs they are.
I think the split-screen idea is interesting, but I don't think it will work. 

"When the Moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, that's Appocalypse".

August 2003


Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200612100115
In the thread "What Happened Next", there was a discussion about the nature of time, in anticipation of the Babysham series. BS didn't really resolve any of our queries and conundrums, but presumably ANSX will have to. To clarify my position:

1) A time-traveller cannot alter their own past. They can go back and alter a past of which a version of themself is a part, but this version is effectively a separate entity. In this way, travelling back in time is travelling into a new frame of reality; a parallel universe.
2) Consequently, Jim_PD in Ep9 did not disappear in a puff of logic. He disappeared in a puff of something far more concrete. And so did his proto-Leon companion. Where they are is one of the great unanswered ANS questions.
3) Between Ep9 and BS, our cast must've gone back to Ep7, averted the goose crisis and then resettled in Hell. In the same frame would be the natives of this new history. So there are the old cast (Ep9 veterans) and the young cast (Ep7 veterans) living side by side in Hell. The difference in age would be negligable; experience considerable. The assumption is that the cast seen in BS are the old party.

These deduced positions were formulated before our modern understanding of what the Stargate is. Dan's post in the non-spoiler thread is interesting. It is safe to assume that the Stargate is fascilitating time-travel as we know it. In a respect, it allows all times to co-exist. The Stargate itself is discussed as being a physical location: the pantemporal axis.

Assumptions on the Stargate:
1) Opened by MI7 to allow time-travel. 
2) Presumably located near the Barbican.
3) Presumably used in some way by the Tardises.
4) You can get lost in it and it is not easy to get out again.
5) Within it, all times coexist: hence Galena's survival and Alan's out-of-body aging.

In what way are the temporal events at the end of BS6 connected with the Stargate and/or with Leon and Jim_SD's antics? Does the fractured end of BS suggest that the Stargate is leaking into Hell and that all possible realities are beginning to overlap? Is the Stargate getting bigger?

Also, could Jim_SD and Leon be the Jim_PD and Leon of Ep9? 

I agree with Dan's assumption that the Stargate will have to be closed to seal the assassination of God. I also expect that some if not all of my queries will be answered.

"Would you like a cup of tea?"

Postman of the Appocalypse
April 2001


Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200612131415
Yay, 4Square! Some speculation on the boards!

I expect we'll see more weirdness with time, and that the Stargate will ultimate be closed.

As to Jim_SD and Leon being the characters from Ep9... My theory about that is this: They were zapped away by the Nordic Gods to the beginning of time. Jim_SD becomes Rod of Maygar while Leon ends up in Conisbrough. It's not impossible that Rod becomes this Jim_SD but I think the chances of this Leon being the Leon in the future are slight given my model. Not that my model is necessarily right ;)


April 2001
Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200612151735
Some interesting speculation going on.

4Square queries:
a) unclear
b) unclear
c) unclear
d) unclear
[e) i've got a coffee, thanks]

DarthPat's got a point regards weirdness with time.


POG Adept
August 2002


Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200612194231
Four lines of dialogue:

JIM: It's not responding. And there's a terrible smell of dead pheasant.
LEON: Are we all going to die again?
ALEX: I'm afraid your cow is dead. Come, and I will lead you to her casket.
STEW: Now what happens?

Bounty Hunter
April 2001


Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200612211221
Pheasant? Those quotes are so good, even the local police want a piece. And could the local police mean Marty et al? Is the riddle of Enderon about to be solved?! If CheF is involved, maybe so is Tosh. Did Tosh hire Leon to assassinate God?

As for the Alex quote... when I think of cows I think of Bessie. Surely SJ wouldn't be so cruel as to kill off Bessie. Surely.

That small word "pheasant" suddenly has me envisioning an all-out war in Heaven.

April 2001
Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200612222222
Jim's line follows directly from Leon's. Alex is indeed talking about Bessy. All bar Alex's line are said on the same set.
POG Adept
August 2002

Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200612261812
The powers that be have released a full cast list. Brackets are my assumptions.

Ewan McGregor - Stew
Jean Reno - Leon
Vincent Perez - Alex
Guy Pearce - Babysham
Nick Frost - John
Steve Davis - Jim
David Troughton - Jim
Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Mary
Claudia Winkleman - Inanna
Jarvis Cocker - Picholl
Hugh Hopper - Alan
Lucy Porter - Galena
Peter Simon  - Himself
Sarah Michelle Gellar - Herself
Leah Braknell - Zoe
Daniel Craig - Bond
Frazer Hines - Joe
Gabriel Byrne - Gabriel

Ben Kingsley (Ant), Neil Dudgeon (Marty), Sean Pertwee (Jim), Darrell D'Silva (Spillaine), Anthony Head (Jim), Matthew Perry (Omra), 

Colin Baker (Jim), Mark Steel (Himself), Matthew Paris (ex-Tory MP: Himself?), Jason Donovan (Himself), Nigel Bond (Snooker player: Himself?), Andy Rashleigh (Moody), Christopher Eccleston (Jim), Lauren Laverne (Bhuvana), Simon Pegg (?), Philippa Forester (?), Trudie Goodwin (Bill: June Ackland?), Tom Baker (Jim), Richard E. Grant (Jim?), Pam Ferris (Barnie), Pooky Quesnel (Jade), Heather Nova (Caroline), Derek Griffiths (Played one of the Goose Men in Ep9: Himself?), Jason Connery (Bond?), Roberta Taylor (Bill: Gina Gold?), Peter Davison (Jim/Rod), Frank Skinner (Jim), Mark Curry (Siddor), Mark Wingett (Bill: Jim Carver?), Natalie Portman (?), Tom Paulin (Himself), Robbie Coltraine (Tomy), Bill Bailey (Played Farmer and Landlord in Eps 8 and 5: ?), Art Malik (Che F Gurdwara), Paul McGann (Jim), Jesse May (Poker commentator: Himself?), Andrew Paul (Bill: Dave Quinnan?), Graham Cole (Bill: Tony Stamp?), Angus Deayton (J3P0), Phil Daniels (Economics), Piers Brosnan (Bond), Sylvester McCoy (Jim), Simon Rouse (Bill: Jack Meadows?), Nula Conwell (Bill: Viv Martella?), Christine Talbot (Calendar presenter: Herself?), Dennis Waterman (?), Cameron Diaz (Elsie), Nigel Havers (?), Jeff Stewart (Bill: Reg Hollis?), Phil Oakey (Human League: Himself?), Helen Atkinson-Wood (Karen or Old Woman), Sue Perkins (Ivy), Mel Giedroyc (Midge), Janet Ellis (Mary or Jemimah), Jude Law (?), Daniel Radcliffe (?), Colin Tarrant (Bill: Andrew Monroe?), Ben Roberts (Bill: Derek Conway?), Bruno Brookes (DJ: Himself?), Liz Smith (Mrs Mimsell), Tony Pitts (Archie Brooks), Amelia Bulmore (Letitia), Marina Kremser (Poker dealer: Herself), Thomas Kremser (Poker dealer: Himself), Rachel Friend (Helen), Paul Morley (Himself), Matt Baker (Blue Peter presenter: Himself?), Kellie Bright (Kate from the Archers: ?), Kim Wilde (?), Lucy Lawless (Xena: ?), Violet Berlin (Berlin), Hazel Irvine (Snooker presenter: Herself?), Nicola Bryant (Peri from Doctor Who), Sophie Aldred (Ace from Doctor Who), Daphne Ashbrook (Grace Holloway from Doctor Who), Gareth Bowley (John, before regenerating?), Bill Nighy (Carl), Emma Forbes (TV Presenter: ?), Julia Carling (Anna, before regenerating?), Julia Sawalha (Jackie), Alistair McGowan (Robert Winston), Dudley Sutton (Tinker), David Dickinson (Satan), Martin Fry (of ABC: Himself?), Richard H. Kirk (of Cabaret Voltaire: Himself?), Paul McCartney (Himself?), Christian Slater (Chris), Glenda Jackson (Old Woman), Mike Read (DJ: Himself?), Philip Whitchurch (Bill?: Philip Cato?), Sarah Lancashire (Steph), Annabel Giles (Hannah) and the cast of The Bill (not that there's many left!).

Bounty Hunter
April 2001

Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200612292131
Let's arrange that in some sensible order:

Steve Davis - Jim
David Troughton - Jim
Sean Pertwee (Jim)
Anthony Head (Jim)
Colin Baker (Jim)
Christopher Eccleston (Jim)
Tom Baker (Jim)
Richard E. Grant (Jim?)
Peter Davison (Jim/Rod)
Frank Skinner (Jim)
Paul McGann (Jim)
Sylvester McCoy (Jim)

So we might assume that Davis and Troughton are the main Jims this episode. No David Tennant in that list. Maybe Troughton is a bit Tennanty. If we accept Richard E Grant as a Jim then we have 12 here. I assume Grant may be a stand-in for Hartnell. 

Ewan McGregor - Stew
Jean Reno - Leon
Vincent Perez - Alex
Guy Pearce - Babysham
Hugh Hopper - Alan
Peter Simon  - Himself
Sarah Michelle Gellar - Herself
Gabriel Byrne - Gabriel
These last three suggesting some Heaven & Hell politics.
Ben Kingsley (Ant)
Neil Dudgeon (Marty)
Darrell D'Silva (Spillaine)
Matthew Perry (Omra)
Mark Steel (Himself)  - We're assuming it's Himself, but it could be another Picholl.
Jason Donovan (Himself)
Andy Rashleigh (Moody)
Lauren Laverne (Bhuvana)
Pam Ferris (Barnie)
Pooky Quesnel (Jade)
Heather Nova (Caroline)
Mark Curry (Siddor)
Tom Paulin (Himself)
Robbie Coltraine (Tomy)
Art Malik (Che F Gurdwara)  - Here he is, with his pheasants. Not as high in the list as I was expecting.
Angus Deayton (J3P0)
Phil Daniels (Economics)
Piers Brosnan (Bond) - before regenerating?
Cameron Diaz (Elsie)
Helen Atkinson-Wood (Karen or Old Woman) - Glenda Jackson is quite a way away in this list, so maybe she's playing both.
Sue Perkins (Ivy)
Mel Giedroyc (Midge)
Janet Ellis (Mary or Jemimah) - given her daughter is playing Mary, maybe she's playing Mary's mum. Or perhaps Mary in the future. Or perhaps Jemimah. We never did solve the Jemimah issue.
Liz Smith (Mrs Mimsell)
Tony Pitts (Archie Brooks)
Amelia Bulmore (Letitia)
Rachel Friend (Helen)
Paul Morley (Himself)
Violet Berlin (Berlin)
Gareth Bowley (John, before regenerating?)
Bill Nighy (Carl)
Julia Carling (Anna, before regenerating?)
Julia Sawalha (Jackie)
Alistair McGowan (Robert Winston)
Dudley Sutton (Tinker)
David Dickinson (Satan) - this lot clumped together looks like the aftermath of the assasination. Probably just one scene.
Christian Slater (Chris)
Glenda Jackson (Old Woman) - the bus driver and his passenger.
Sarah Lancashire (Steph)
Annabel Giles (Hannah) - My guess is that these are in the cells in the police station.

Trudie Goodwin (Bill: June Ackland?)
Roberta Taylor (Bill: Gina Gold?)
Mark Wingett (Bill: Jim Carver?)
Andrew Paul (Bill: Dave Quinnan?)
Graham Cole (Bill: Tony Stamp?)
Simon Rouse (Bill: Jack Meadows?)
Nula Conwell (Bill: Viv Martella?)
Jeff Stewart (Bill: Reg Hollis?)
Colin Tarrant (Bill: Andrew Monroe?)
Ben Roberts (Bill: Derek Conway?)
Philip Whitchurch (Bill?: Philip Cato?)

Clearly, The Pantheon Tosh is here in numbers. No mention of Tosh himself though. And I expected Roach to be there too.

Nick Frost - John - Playing quite a large role, it seems. 
Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Mary - Given the proximity of her and John, and their filming schedule, perhaps we're looking at an extensive flashback sequence concerning Stew's biblical adventures? That would make John St John, the girly one from the paintings. Or maybe John the Evangelist, the hairy mad one.
Claudia Winkleman - Inanna - Typing Inanna into Wikipedia, I get:

Inanna, the original "Holy Virgin," as the Sumerians called her, is the first known divinity associated with the planet Venus. This Sumerian goddess became identified with the Semitic goddesses Ishtar and later Astarte, Egyptian Isis, Greek Aphrodite, Etruscan Turan and the Roman Venus.

Inanna's permanent status as "maiden" was irrespective of her behavior. The goddess of love and war, if she wasn't strapping on her battle sandals, she was seen swaggering around the streets of her home town, dragging young men out of the taverns to have sex with her.

Inanna's Descent to the Underworld

In Sumer the Underworld was not necessarily a place like a 'hell' but it was not a heaven. When humans and heroes died that is where they headed. However based on their behavior they could be afforded better treatment or positions in the underworld.

The Sumerian version (there was also a Babylonian version written for Ishtar that varies a bit) starts off with no particular reason for Inanna's ('The Goddess from the Great above (heaven)') visit 'to the great below' (underworld). With the Sumerian version it is generally believed she set her mind to being all powerful (heaven, earth, and the underworld.) However other versions take the line, "Holy Inana answered him: "Because lord Gud-gal-ana, the husband of my elder sister holy Erec-ki-gala, has died; in order to have his funeral rites observed, she offers generous libations at his wake -- that is the reason." to mean that she was doing just that; mourning her sister's loss. One must remember, though, that Inanna was a great trickster and it would be quite odd for Ereckigala to treat her as she does once she arrived.

She arrived at the first gate of the underworld and... the gatekeeper... tells her she may pass through but has to hand over her lapis lazuli measuring rod. She asks why and is told 'It is just the ways of the Underworld'. She obliges and passes through. She passed through a total of 7 gates each removing a piece of clothing or jewelry she had been wearing at the start of her journey. 

When she arrives in front of her sister she is naked. "After she had crouched down and had her clothes removed, they were carried away. Then she made her sister Erec-ki-gala rise from her throne, and instead she sat on her throne. The Anna, the seven judges, rendered their decision against her. They looked at her -- it was the look of death. They spoke to her -- it was the speech of anger. They shouted at her -- it was the shout of heavy guilt. The afflicted woman was turned into a corpse. And the corpse was hung on a hook."

3 days and 3 nights passed and Nincurba following instructions went to Enlil, Nanna, and Enki's temples and demanded they save the Goddess of Love. The first 2 Gods refused saying it was her own mess but Enki was deeply troubled and agreed to help. He created two sexless figures (neither male nor female) named gala-tura and the kur-jara. He instructed they were to appease Ereškigal and when asked what they wanted they were to ask for Inanna's corpse and sprinkle it with the food and water of life.

Things went as Enki said and the gala-tura and the kur-jara were able to revive Inanna. Demons of Ereškigal's followed Inanna out of the underworld and demanded she wasn’t free to go until someone took her place. 

They... came upon Dumuzi, Inanna's husband. He was sitting in nice clothing and having a good time despite his wife supposedly still being missing in the underworld. Inanna wasn't happy and said they could take him.

Dumuzi tried to escape his fate but a fly told Inanna and the demons where he was. It was then decreed that Dumuzi spent half the year in the underworld and his sister take the other half.

Dumuzid is Inanna's husband, a shepherd. The Anna mentioned above are the Anunnaki, a council of angel-like creatures.

So Innana goes to hell as part of some funeral thing, strips naked (perhaps playing Poker?), seems to try to supplant Lucifer, gets killed, only to be revived again by two sexless creatures. She then wants out but must find a timeshare replacement. She sees her husband enjoying her absence and gets him to do it.

I expect we'll see a fair bit of this storyline in ANSX. Who can be her husband... Omra's a shepherd, so maybe him? Does that make Inanna Carol-Zeeg?

Jarvis Cocker - Picholl - I have no clue about this character.
Lucy Porter - Galena - It looks like she's regenerated.
Leah Braknell - Zoe - One of Jim's assistants.
Daniel Craig - Bond - Another regeneration, it seems.
Frazer Hines - Joe - Another assistant.
Matthew Paris (ex-Tory MP: Himself?) - pass.
Nigel Bond (Snooker player: Himself?) - Almost certainly connected with Jim_SD. Perhaps also with Bond?
Simon Pegg (?) - ?
Philippa Forester (?) - ?
Derek Griffiths (Played one of the Goose Men in Ep9: Himself?) - ?
Jason Connery (Bond?) - Could be a flashback Bond.
Natalie Portman (?) - Queen Paté perhaps?
Bill Bailey (Played Farmer and Landlord in Eps 8 and 5: ?) - Some sort of Yokel. Maybe Nick Brunswick.
Jesse May (Poker commentator: Himself?) - Clearly we're going to see some Poker. Probably strip-poker with Inanna.
Christine Talbot (Calendar presenter: Herself?) - ?
Dennis Waterman (?) - ?
Nigel Havers (?) - ?
Phil Oakey (Human League: Himself?) - ?
Jude Law (?) - ?
Daniel Radcliffe (?) - ?
Bruno Brookes (DJ: Himself?) - Interesting that he has a larger part than Mike Read.
Marina Kremser (Poker dealer: Herself)
Thomas Kremser (Poker dealer: Himself) - Poker.
Matt Baker (Blue Peter presenter: Himself?)
Kellie Bright (Kate from the Archers: ?)
Kim Wilde (?)
Lucy Lawless (Xena: ?)
Hazel Irvine (Snooker presenter: Herself?)
Nicola Bryant (Peri from Doctor Who)
Sophie Aldred (Ace from Doctor Who)
Daphne Ashbrook (Grace Holloway from Doctor Who) - This clump are potentially all Jim assistants. Peter Purvis was one of Hartnell's assistants, see, so that could explain Matt Baker. I don't really have an explanation for the next two, but Xena would be a suitable replacement for Leela. Hazel would fit with Jim_SD, and the other three are obvious.
Emma Forbes (TV Presenter: ?) - Maybe she too is an assistant.
Martin Fry (of ABC: Himself?)
Richard H. Kirk (of Cabaret Voltaire: Himself?) - These two are presumably together, maybe with Phil Oakey.
Paul McCartney (Himself?) - Possibly with the Sheffield musicians, but why?
Mike Read (DJ: Himself?) - Much lower than Bruno Brookes. Possibly just has a lot less lines?

In summary, I think we've got a story with Inanna going to hell, another with Stew going to Jerusalem(?), and plenty of Jim on Jim action.

April 2001
Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200612282316
Impressive deductions. One or two small errors but nothing to worry about.
Zen Flamencoist
February 2003


Topic: ***Put Your Episode 10 Spoilers Here***  - 200701030507
So we've got Doctor Who, James Bond, Sumerian and Christian Mythology and The Bill! What a fantasically broad sweep of culture!

"When the Moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, that's Appocalypse".

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