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July 2003


Topic: call for quiz to be band  - 200304221145
quiz is a troll and should be band!! any one who 
looks at these boards can see that he is trolling
and it is bad for the boards because when people
see a troll they no that the disiplin on the boards
is not good enough and that there intelligent posts
will be lost among the rubbish that the trolls are
posting. the trolls are spoiling this site and others
like it, so i am calling for quiz to be band!! quiz
has insulted me and other users several times
and threatened my life on the ester eggs thread!!
this is not the sort of post that should be encoraged
so quiz must be band immediately!!

"Mmm m mm mmrmm mrm." - Alex

December 2002


Topic: call for quiz to be band  - 200304230214
Take it easy, IAmTheSunshine. Quiz is not ging to be band. Or banned. Quiz is a popular user here, and, it has to be said, you are not. Indeed, if you continue to start up threads like this, it is YOU and not Quiz that will end up being banned. I hope I make my position clear.

The admin are perfectly capable of deciding who should and should not be banned. Topic locked.


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