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June 2004


Topic: Why does Fred Harris wear a dress?  - 200304281327
He never wore one on Play School. Did the BBC prevent him from expressing himself in the way he felt most comfortable, for fear of perverting the children with such gender-blurring notions? Why does Fred Harris wear a dress? And for that matter, why does Bad Influence wear a dress? Moreover, is there any great significance to the outfits? Berlin, Yoni, Bad Influence and Fred all wear similar outfits of different colours - black, white, red and blue. Clearly there is some relevence to theseoutfits, but what?

"Come and get some, Big Ted!"

Zen Flamencoist
December 2001


Topic: Why does Fred Harris wear a dress?  - 200304301746
I guess he finds it comfy. It's pretty short so it's not like it's very restricting, and it probably lets the air at his bits. So the question for me is: what does he wear underneath?

"Leather trousers... the sexy, dominant, cute look."

Postman of the Appocalypse
April 2001


Topic: Why does Fred Harris wear a dress?  - 200305041234
I don't know why they wear the dresses. I guess it's some sort of uniform in that dimension, or wherever it is. Or just the fashion of the day. Berlin's dress isn't mentioned in the script, I don't think, so maybe it's not as important as the others'. Theirs are red, white and blue which is liberty, egality and fraternity, innit? Clutching at straws.

Darth Pat

April 2001


Topic: Why does Fred Harris wear a dress?  - 200305070117
It's something to do with a personification of the emotions or conscience or something, but I forget exactly what. SJ got the idea from some woman at a party. I guess Bad Influence is exactly that, so maybe Yoni is Good Influence, and Fred is... well, I don't know. Ibet SJ's forgotten too. 
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