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December 2002


Topic: ***"Episode 0" Official Thread***  - 200310101117
Post your Episode 0 stuff here.



April 2001
Topic: ***"Episode 0" Official Thread***  - 200310121516
[copied from Put Your Babysham Spoilers Here]

The following scenes were newly filmed:

The tracking shots with Stew.
The conversation between Ant and Chris by the lake (but not Leon on the roof, which was old footage but computer processed).
Parts of the compscis walking home.
The follow-up to Alex waking up.
Evan Pru was re-shot.
One or two extra lines of dialogue in Ray.
A few bits for the removal of Barnie (I forgot that on the other list).
The dinner sequences.
Leon and the goose, and all that waterfowl stuff with Chris.
The TV Room (but not the Gaynor Barnes footage).
Stew's Room (forgot about this too)
Some of Alex's capture was re-shot.
Some more dialogue in Ray.

Everything else was stuff that was filmed for the original series but never used.
Cast for the reshoots was:

Stew - Ewan McGregor
Ant - Ben Kingsley
Chris - Christian Slater
(Jim2 - Some of his stuff uses a double. Other stuff (i.e. Vanbrugh) is computerised jiggery-pokery.)
Jim - Christopher Eccleston
Tomy - Robbie Coltrane
Alex - Vincent Perez
Ewan Pru - This is the same bloke as in the kitchen sequence. I don't know his name.
Leon - Jean Reno (only in Vanbrugh and the goose sequence. Everything else is old.)
Midge - Mel Giedroyc
Kevin - Andy Hamilton
(Caroline - This is unused footage from TNG, mixed with unused footage from Episode 1.)
Alan - Hugh Hopper

Jean Reno wasn't used in the Ray reshoots. He turned up one weekend to do the Vanbrugh and dorm scenes.
Heather Nova and Kevin Spacey weren't involved in any reshoots.
If you like, I could do a scene by scene analysis of where the footage comes from.

April 2001
Topic: ***"Episode 0" Official Thread***  - 200310150100
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April 2001
Topic: ***"Episode 0" Official Thread***  - 200311291042
That was interesting. This is what it was meant to say:

INT - MR CHOPS - Original New Soap 1 (NS)
INT - RAY - 2001 SE Shoot (SE)
INT - RAY - NS (plus unused footage from original New Soap 1 (U1), some of which appeared in the SE version)
INT - PORTER'S LODGE - NS (plus Episode 0 Shoot footage (E0))
EXT - GOODRICKE ROOF - U1 (digitally toyed with slightly)
EXT - LANGWITH WEIR - E0 (using some digitally fiddled with unused material from original New Soap 2 (later incorporated into Ep.1 and now Ep.0) (U2).
EXT - VANBRUGH/GOODRICKE - U1/E0 (This was an unfinished sequence. parts of the main dialogue, a bit of the end, and the stuff with Leon is original)
INT - TERMINAL RM. - U1 (used in Ep.3)
INT - ALEX'S RM. - ditto
INT - TERMINAL RM. - U1 (Ep.3)
EXT - GOODRICKE SQ. - E0 (refilm of U1 footage)
INT - RAY - U1/E0 (Like the Vanbrugh/Goodricke sequence, this was unfinished.) (One line of dialogue added for SE.)
EXT - GOODRICKE SQ. - The stuff with Economics is U2. The more distant shots use a double and are E0. The dialogue at the start is processed NS, and the rest is E0. Some of it was recorded without Leon. The bits with Leon werefilmed later.
EXT/INT - VANBRUGH - E0. Jim2 was composited using out-take footage from the Ep.5 wrap party. The Jim2 that's queuing is a stand-in.
INT - RAY - E0
INT - RAY - E0, except the sequence with Leon which is U2.
EXT - GOODRICKE SQ. - Tomy & Kevin are E0; Caroline is from an unused scene in TNG. Leon is U1 (or perhaps 2) at first, but is a stand-in for the crane shots (E0). Jim2 is a double, again (E0). 
INT - TV ROOM - E0 (but the stuff on the television is U2).
INT - STEW'S RM. - E0. Babysham is a stand-in.
EXT - BIOLOGY - The first part of this is U2. The biology students are E0. Originally (U2) there was a scene where Ant finds Alex in the cage, and goes for help, only to return and find Alex as a goose. But Alex's accent was bad and it wasn't very well shot.
INT - RAY - The first exchange is U2. Then NS (with a U2 line of dialogue restored). 
INT - STEW'S ROOM - U2 (as featured in Ep.3); Dialogue over is E0.
INT - RAY - NS. New Babysham dialogue dubbed on. Extra battle-shots with stand-ins (E0). Leon's dialogue here is the only Ray footage recorded by Jean for E0.

That's the lot. Apart from the new intro-narration for Ep.1, which was phoned in at the last minute.

So most of the episode was shot in 2003, a lot was unused footage from the original shoot, there's a bit of what ended up in the original New Soap, and a small amount from the SE.


Postman of the Appocalypse
April 2001


Topic: ***"Episode 0" Official Thread***  - 200312011322
They kept it pretty quiet, didn't they...
I found it an enjoyable examination of the group's relationships. It was a true prequel in its examination of their backstory... Chris being a teetotaller was an amusing touch. Chris was a much more prominant character in the beginning, wasn't he... I remember the first time I saw ANS, when Chris is in the explosion, and then that's the last we see of him... It was quite distracting... He's been the main character, essentially, and then suddenly he disappears. And James Bond shows up again, but Chris is just gone... I kept looking out for him. Then when he does show up again, drunk and armless in Episode 2. I thought that was great. That was one of the things that made me fall in love with ANS.

Of course... he disappeared again in the retune... 


April 2001
Topic: ***"Episode 0" Official Thread***  - 200312021117
And then what happened to him?


Postman of the Appocalypse
April 2001


Topic: ***"Episode 0" Official Thread***  - 200312021311
Your question's pricked my interest, Leon...
Well he (barely) shows up in the Caribbean special.
Then he's back as a bus-driver, and he gets killed by Siddor and goes to Hell and gets reanimated, and... he helps Alan until the geese double cross everybody. And then he gets blown to pieces...
And... hey... ooh...
Where's Chris gone?
He's in the Barbican... which burns up as the Earth explodes.
What's your point, Leon?


April 2001
Topic: ***"Episode 0" Official Thread***  - 200312051019
No point. You're absolutely correct. I'm just teasing you. But you'd forgotten about him, hadn't you? After they've died and gone missing for the umpteenth time you start to take it in your stride without questioning it. 


Bounty Hunter
April 2001


Topic: ***"Episode 0" Official Thread***  - 200312070452
Mm. I think really that that's what killed the New Soap though in the end... I mean, you can destroy the Earth and Heaven and Hell, but there's always the possibility of a time machine. 

I think I liked the end of Ep.9 most of all the ends, because it was so open... 

I mean... the end of Ep.0... well that's fairly inconsequencial cos it's a prequel...
Ep.1 ends with a cliff hanger or three, so that's... well obviously they will survive (even if they actually don't as it happens).
Ep.2 is almost obviously a regeneration cliff-hanger, isn't it... which was quite good... I mean there was debate for a while over that one. It was good for that.
Ep.3's cliff-hanger didn't really have any weight... I mean it was the coming together of Jim and Siddor, but it was hardly an epic moment... It fell a bit flat.
Ep.4 gave us a more mundane cliff-hanger, which again wasn't very inspiring; Ep.5 gave us the same.
Ep.6 set up Ep.7, but did anyone really care?
Ep.7 ended epicly before proceeding to trail Ep.8, which was amusing. It was an improvement on the last four endings.
Ep.8 ended definitively. That was very much an "oh well that's definitely it" sort of thing, even with the Tardises...

I don't know... I just find Episode 9's end broader... more satisfying. A proper will-they / won't-they ending. But I've strayed off topic now... 

So let me rescue it like this:
"If Episode 0 had been the first episode, how would it've gone down?" I'm thinking particularly of the ending... 

August 2003


Topic: ***"Episode 0" Official Thread***  - 200312110416
The Jim2 bit at the end of the credits, presuming you stook through them, is very enigmatic. You used to get it a lot in films in the 80s, when they wanted to set up a franchise but were reluctant to tell everyone in case it was crap. So they'd tag on a cliff-hanger at the end of the credits when only those that really enjoyed the film were still in the theatre. So I liked that, in a daft kind of way. 

As for the leap to sci-fi... Before this happened much more quickly, but now you're immersed in a normal environment for an hour. But it's not like you aren't clued in, exactly... There's the waterfowl for a start... It's all about suspension of disbelief. It needs a domino effect to work properly, so a small push of reality opens the door to a larger push, etc... Here we've got a comedy, so that's the first push... I mean if you look at the precedent for a sit-com about students, you've got the Young Ones, and from there there are few boundaries (if any). But we have steady pushes like next-door's kitchen, Leon on the roof, Alex's room, and the way they react to Barnie's death. And so when the moorhen's tied to a stake, it's not too big a leap to make anymore. And then we have the Biology people, by which point it shouldn't be too shocking to see BabySham going on a killing spree, and the University exploding.

It's no more of a leap than, like I say, the Young Ones. Which we've got allusions to from the trailer anyway...

How does it compare to Episode 1 though? Which is the better first episode? Well the over-riding sense of Ep.1 was the chaos of it... It was... well very nearly zany (although that, of course, would be bad). I remember being fairly ambivalent towards it, but sticking through on account of the odd decent line or amusing shot. I mean a lot of it was really quite cheesey and bad, and some of it was just... crap. You got the sense that there were too many in-jokes. It was a lot like a Mel Brooks or Zucker thing. But it was... well it was when Babysham came in that it started to improve... with the Crystal Maze bit and then 15 to 1. And from then on, I was a bit more into it. But I wasn't hooked until Episode 2. Episode 1 was good enough for me to give Ep.2 a go, I think. Episode 2 was much better.

So what if I'd've watched Ep.0 first... It's hard to separate it really, but... I think it improves Ep.1 if you've seen Ep.0 first. It's... you get a better grounding of the characters. And... Yes, Ep.0 is much better than Ep.1, both in general and as a first episode. It's how it should've been.

"Would you like a cup of tea?"

Zen Flamencoist
February 2003


Topic: ***"Episode 0" Official Thread***  - 200312130118
The first episode I saw was actually Ep.3. The trailers for the first two hadn't done anything for me, but I liked the idea of Johnny Ball communing with trolls. And as the re-cap went past at the start I began to wonder if perhaps I'd been missing out on something... Because a lot of my friends had been going on about it and I'd been saying "no, that's a load of crap", as you do... And I have to say that for the first quarter of an hour or so of Ep.3 I wasn't exactly getting a lot of enjoyment out of the programme, but then I started to get into it...And then Johnny Ball came in and it just went brilliant.

Does anyone agree with me that... and please forgive me if I'm about to break some horrible Taboo, but... there tends to be one really strong point in each episode, and the rest can be a bit... murh.?

Like in Episode 1 it's Babysham, and in Ep2 it's Che F. Ep3 is Johnny and Ep4 is Gus and Gordon on the beach. Ep5 is the bus, and Ep6 is the bus again... Ep7... is probably Alan, or maybe Alex and Alana... Ep8 is Mrs Pabblecock, and Ep9 is... F34.

Maybe I'm being harsh, cos those last few I had trouble with...

"When the Moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, that's Appocalypse".

August 2003


Topic: ***"Episode 0" Official Thread***  - 200312172341
I think certainly as far as the first few episodes were concerned that was the case... But I think your theory falls down at Episode 5.

Episode 0 and Episode 9, I think, are a much slower pace than the others. Can we expect this to continue with Babysham?

"Would you like a cup of tea?"

April 2001
Topic: ***"Episode 0" Official Thread***  - 2003122021219
To a certain extent.


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