STEW (Ewan McGregor)
The son of GOD, and a former housemate to ALEX, LEON and JIM. Was running a book shop in Heaven with LEON. Came to Hell to help BABYSHAM, only to be kidnapped by the über-deity BHUVANA. Present at the assassination of GOD.
LEON (Jean Reno)
The clone of an assassin. He shared a house with ALEX, STEW and JIM. Later he ran a book shop in Heaven with STEW. Came to Hell to help BABYSHAM. There he assassinated BHUVANA, SATAN and GOD before ascending into a spaceship on a metal helix.
ALEX (Vincent Perez)
Sinister Canadian who shared a house with STEW, LEON and JIM. Following his death, he eventually took a job as GOD's driver and bodyguard. He is shot during the assassination of GOD.
BABYSHAM (Guy Pearce)
Android mercenary, created by Bill Gates and perfected by SIDDOR. Following his death he became a private detective in Hell. He uncovered the plot to kill GOD just after it happened. He was simultaneously in two locations at the time, thanks to an interactive digital service.
JOHN (Nick Frost)
The only JOHN we've known up until now was a businessman turned TV presenter who was at one time searching for the Crystal of Enderon. But he was played by someone else (see below).
JIM_SD (Steve Davis)
Jim is better known to most people as The Doctor. He is a timelord, and this is his latest regeneration. Through the machinations of his former housemate, STEW, he is now officially dead, and living in Hell. He was last seen chasing after LEON after the assassination of GOD.
JIM_DT (David Troughton)
We have never seen this incarnation of Jim before in ANS.
MARY (Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
We were introduced to an older version of Mary several episodes ago in Heaven. She is STEW's ex-girlfriend.
INANNA (Claudia Winkleman)
She has never before appeared in ANS.
PICHOLL (Jarvis Cocker)
Seen in one scene in the last episode of BABYSHAM.
ALAN (Hugh Hopper)
BABYSHAM's lawyer and assistant. Before his death he was an important member of MI7. MI7 once tried to break him out of Hell, and in so doing they destroyed the Earth. ALAN also killed some people. Since then, not much has been said about the incident, mainly because it existed in a dead-end branch of time. ALAN was last seen with BABYSHAM. As a consequence there are two of him.
GALENA (Lucy Porter)
JIM's sister, and a "Timelady". Also known as ANNA. We've never seen this incarnation of her.
SIMON (Peter Simon)
An old friend of STEW's, he's the bouncer on the door of Heaven.
LUCY (Sarah Michelle Gellar)
SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR is STEW's ex-girlfriend, and in her role as LUCIFER (or LUCY) she is in charge of Hell. When we last saw her, she'd gone a bit potty and had to be pacified with LEON's shovel.
ZOE (Leah Bracknell)
We've yet to meet this character.
BOND (Daniel Craig)
We've met at least one BOND before, but not this one.
JOE (Frazer Hines)
We've yet to meet this character.
GABRIEL (Gabriel Byrne)
One of GOD's most favoured angels, though he has also worked for the über-deity BHUVANA. He was present at the assassination of GOD.


ANT (Ben Kingsley)
A leading figure in MI7.

MARTY (Neil Dudgeon)
A leading police officer in Hell.

JIM_SP (Sean Pertwee)
SPILLAINE (Darrell D'Silva)
One of MARTY's junior officers.

JIM_AH (Anthony Head)
An incarnation of JIM, last seen working as a computer repair man.

OMRA (Matthew Perry)
A magical shepherd, and JIM's mentor.


JIM_CB (Colin Baker) - New.
UTU (Mark Steel) - New, save a cameo in BABYSHAM.
MATTHEW (Matthew Paris) - New.
JASON (Jason Donovan) - GALENA's assistant.
NIGEL (Nigel Bond) - New.
MOODY (Andy Rashleigh) - One of MARTY's junior officers.
JIM_CE (Christopher Eccleston) - The first incarnation of JIM we knew.
BHUVANA (Lauren Laverne) - The God that created GOD. She wanted to supplant him but got killed instead.
PEGG (Simon Pegg) - New.
PHILIPPA (Philippa Forester) - New.
JUNE (Trudie Goodwin) - New.
JIM_TB (Tom Baker) - A much-travelled incarnation of JIM.
JIM_RG (Richard E. Grant) - New.
BARNIE (Pam Ferris) - A cleaning lady.
JADE (Pooky Quesnel) - BABYSHAM's assistant.
CAROLINE (Heather Nova) - Another of STEW's ex-girlfriends, and the mother of his pineapple.
JAM-JAR (Derek Griffiths) - A rastafarian alien.
JIMMY (Jason Connery) - New.
GINA (Roberta Taylor) - New.
JIM_PD (Peter Davison) - An incarnation of JIM who did time as a Nordic God.
JIM_FS (Frank Skinner) - The first incarnation of JIM to enter Hell.
SIDDOR (Mark Curry) - JIM's dad and one-time nemesis: Jack Barrett.
CARVER (Mark Wingett) - New.
NATALIE (Natalie Portman) - New.
TOM (Tom Paulin) - A poet and critic.
TOMY (Robbie Coltraine) - A man who says "that's fascist" a lot.
BARMAN (Bill Bailey) - A barman.
CHE_F (Art Malik) - A revolutionary hot-dog vendor from Heaven.
JIM_PM (Paul McGann) - A little-seen incarnation of JIM.
JESSE (Jesse May) - New.
QUINNAN (Andrew Paul) - New.
STAMP (Graham Cole) - New.
CRAZY GREGORY (Angus Deayton) - New.
ECONOMICS (Phil Daniels) - A University Porter.
BOND (Piers Brosnan) - A renowned spy.
JIM_SM (Sylvester McCoy) - New.
MEADOWS (Simon Rouse) - New.
POLICEWOMAN (Nula Conwell) - New.
MADONNA (Christine Talbot) - New.
ELIZABETH (Dennis Waterman) - New.
ELSIE (Cameron Diaz) - A starship crewmember.
WILD ANDREW (Nigel Havers) - New.
HOLLIS (Jeff Stewart) - New.
PORTER (Phil Oakey) - New.
KAREN / OLD WOMAN (Helen Atkinson-Wood) - KAREN is high up in MI7. OLD WOMAN is an old woman.
IVY (Sue Perkins) - A starship crewmember.
MIDGE (Mel Giedroyc) - A starship crewmember and ALEX's ex-girlfriend.
OLD MARY (Janet Ellis) - One of STEW's ex-girlfriends.
MAD EDWARD (Jude Law) - New.
ANNA (Daniel Radcliffe) - ANNA is the name of JIM's sister (aka GALENA), though this would be a new look.
MONROE (Colin Tarrant) - New.
CONWAY (Ben Roberts) - New.
RAPHAEL (Bruno Brookes) - New.
OLD WOMAN (Liz Smith) - An old woman.
ARCHIE (Tony Pitts) - An ice-cream vendor.
LETITIA (Amelia Bulmore) - Satan's lover.
MARINA (Marina Kremser) - New.
KREMSER (Thomas Kremser) - New.
HELEN (Rachel Friend) - She works at the police station.
PAUL (Paul Morley) - Journalist, writer and critic.
MATT (Matt Baker) - New.
JO (Kellie Bright) - New.
ROSE (Kim Wilde) - New.
LEELA (Lucy Lawless) - New.
BERLIN (Violet Berlin) - She was in a band with JIM_PD.
HAZEL (Hazel Irvine) - New.
PERI (Nicola Bryant) - New.
ACE (Sophie Aldred) - New.
CONFECTION (Daphne Ashbrook) - New.
OLD JOHN (Gareth Bowley) - A businessman turned TV presenter (see above).
WILLIAM (Bill Nighy) - Bill Nighy normally plays CARL, the captain of a starship.
MIRIAM (Emma Forbes) - New.
OLD GALENA (Julia Carling) - The incarnation of ANNA / GALENA we are most familiar with (see above).
JACKIE (Julia Sawalha) - GOD's consort.
ROBERT WINSTON (Alistair McGowan) - A fertility expert and TV presenter.
TINKER (Dudley Sutton) - A demon in SATAN's entourage.
SATAN (David Dickinson) - A niche deity who tried it on with some bigger fish and got killed.
MORTICIAN (Martin Fry) - New.
SECOND MORTICIAN (Richard H. Kirk) - New.
BUSKER (Paul McCartney) - New.
CHRIS (Christian Slater) - A spy, MI7 operative and part-time bus-driver.
OLD WOMAN (Glenda Jackson) - An old woman.
MICHAEL (Mike Read) - New.
CATO (Philip Whitchurch) - New.
STEPH (Sarah Lancashire) - A condemned nun.
HANNAH (Annabel Giles) - STEPH's fellow prisoner.

+ The cast of The Bill.