A New Soap began life as an email soap-opera. It is now in its ninth year.

ANSX is the first proper A New Soap episode since Christmas 2001's Tardis Down, though it follows on from the events of 2004's Babysham spin-off series. Those with a thorough knowledge of ANS will find in ANSX references to every previous ANS episode, but such exhaustive knowledge of the soap is by no means a requirement. The ANS website has half a dozen abbreviated narratives, of varying lengths. Furthermore, the Cast List on these ANSX pages provides a limited summary of each character's recent activities. But for those of you who have no desire to research the history of this saga, you really need only know that God has been assassinated (by Leon) while on a state visit to Hell.

ANSX is presented in a quartered screen: for most of the duration, four different scenes show concurrently. Accepting that not everyone has a television big enough to see a great deal in this aspect, we have also provided four re-cuts.

IMPORTANT NOTE on the Re-Cuts:

a) The re-cuts are not straight replays of each quarter of the screen. They are edited together from all four screens to create a narrative specific to the character they are named after. There is some duplication from one re-cut to another. A statistical analysis suggests that STEW - LEON - ALEX - JIM is the least tedious order in-which to read the re-cuts.

b) None of the recuts include the opening (pre-title) sequence, which consists mainly of activity on the Mr Chops university corridor.

c) One of the recuts has a different ending to the standard version of ANSX.

I hope you enjoy ANSX.

Thanks for reading;

Steph Jesper.