Caroline is an old friend and bandmate of Stew's, from university. While we didn't see her till Episode 3, it's generally understood that she was an acquaintance of our heroes prior to the beginning of their adventures in Episode 1.

In Episode 4, which is essentially just a fantasy excercise for the benefit of Babysham, we get our first real idea of her character: that of a swashbuckling pirate queen. But perhaps this is misleading.

In Episode 5, she portrays Carol-Zeeg, the wife of Omra, and so we are still not really any clearer on the true nature of Caroline.

It is in Episode 6 that Caroline really arrives. At its opening, she and Stew are a couple, but all that changes when Alex kills Stew for being a demon. Caroline is concerned, for she is carrying what she thought was Stew's child. Is it Stew's, or is it some sort of freakish demon spawn? Alex doesn't want to take any chances, but Jim computes that they should spare the unborn child. As a consequence, Alex moves to a defensive position, seeking evidence of the non-demonness of Stew, and protecting Caroline and her baby obsessively. Meanwhile, Caroline helps new housemate, Sally, settle in.

When Caroline finally gives birth, it is to a pineapple. Alas, as with so many new mothers, Caroline loses her brain along with her placenta, and reverts to an eight-year-old preciously guarding her dolly (not literally). Sadly, she never really grows out of this phase, as evidenced by her over-the-top excitement in Episode 8.

In Episode 7, Caroline and her pineapple, Percy, are killed in the inevitable battle with Siddor, and they wind up in Hell, where Caroline fantasises herself in a relationship with Jim. This leads to the curious scenario of two Jims and two Carolines in Episode 8, when a meeting of our heroes is called at the Grand Hall of Calvados, for Jim has fantasised a similar thing. Deciding to simplify matters, the real Jim and the real Caroline get it together, leaving their idealised fantasy versions of each other behind. The only drawback is that the real versions are subtly different to the fantasy versions; they're that little bit more annoying to each other.

Caroline and Jim agree to help out in the Goose Crisis, but in the attempt, Caroline is splattered in a Tardis materialisation accident, and ends up spread about time and space in a state of eternal pain.