No-one is sure who, what or where Enderon was, or what happened to it, but it has given us two great items that have had a large effect on things.


This first crops up as a religious relic, worshipped and guarded by the Zen Flamenco dancers. It is kept in Birmingham for security as it is considered to be rich in the Powers of Greyskull. When Omra arrives in Birmingham he is slowly driven insane, perhaps by the city, or perhaps by the crystal. BabySham also comes into close proximity of the crystal while it is in Birmingham, and the next time we see him (chronologically speaking) is in York University, where he is malfunctioning. J3PO suggests that Omra has been turned to the "bleak side", while MI7 explain that Babysham has been driven to "the other side". That's just an asside though.

According to Stew's account of events, Omra loses the crystal down a drain, and it is later found by Queen Paté (who may or may not have gone mad). She gives it to her friend Princess Rae (whose sanity is also unclear), who is then captured by Siddor. Once the crystal is in Siddor's grasp, he suggests that BabySham should kill the entire cast. This doesn't seem to be the most rational thinking ever committed to film. Subsequently, when BabySham winds up with the crystal, he himself goes far from sane.

The suggestion here then is that the Crystal of Enderon has a habit of mangling peoples' sanity. Does this stand up to any further analysis? Well the next person to touch the crystal is Leon, and he doesn't seem to go any madder than usual. Perhaps this can be explained away by the collective Leon intelligence theory (CLIT) as moderately touched upon in the Leon write-up: essentially, all the Leons share a collective mind. It is a contraversial theory, but may explain why (if the crystal does make people mad) Leon withstands any ill effect.

Ok, so who's next? Well, the thing is that that's the last we see of it. So, is the crystal proof of CLIT, or are the cases of madness just coincidence? And does the crystal genuinely posess Greyskullian power? We will probably never know.

There are a number of other people who sought the crystal:
Stan, the gumshoe, believed that it contained a jet effigy of Humphry Bogart.
James Bond claimed that it contained top secret microfilm concerning British nuclear submarine manouvers and the plans for a new kind of radar-invisible pedalo.
John, the business man suggested that the crystal was of financial value.
Jane and Rod needed the crystal as a token to prove to their peers who was the better. This does not necesarily mean that the crystal was of value to the Norse Pantheon, but simply that it was considered suitably hard to find to make a contest of things.
The Disco Dancing Aliens, and Mitch Carabina were drawn to the cosmetic values of the crystal. There is a slight suggestion that the Aliens were also interested in its culinary prospects.


When it first crops up, this mystical book is in the custody of a librarian called Han. From it come the following two extracts:

"And the slayer shall fight the evil mummy
creatures and much blinking shall ensue..."

"They shall get back by the only way..."

It seems that this was the first edition of the book, and contained an unprinted a page. The second edition apparently corrects this error (and also includes a foreword by Uri Gellar). Daevid Allen tells our heroes that a copy exists on the third shelf down in the library of American actor Craig T. Nelson.

However, our heroes soon learn that Han wanted a copy of the second edition not to help them but rather to acquire a particular snuff recipe (presumably also missing from the first edition).

When a copy of the book turns up in Stew and Leon's bookshop in Heaven, Stew explains that one passage reveals the soloution to the Chef's Local Pheasant riddle. When Stew, Leon and Alex examine further, a hand appears from the book and tries to drag them in. It later succeeds in pulling them through time and space to York at the time of the goose crisis.

Here is as good a place to examine the afformentioned riddle...

Its first appearance is among some personal artifacts (including a fudge recipe) handed down to Jim from his father, Jack (Siddor), via Omra's clone (how Omra's clone came to have them is unclear).

"Chef's pheasant is so local,
even the local police want a piece."
The exact same riddle crops up on the clue that BabySham lays during the sindicate's attempt to find the Crystal of Enderon.

A similar sentence emerges from the lips of Heaven's foremost hot-dog vendor, Che F. Gurdwara:

"You know my local pheasant is so local,
even the local police want a piece."
This has led many scholars to immediately draw a connection between "Chef" and "Che F."

The final reference comes in episode 4, when, in explaining the workings of Leon's strangeometer, Jim erases from a blackboard the phrase:

"CheF's soup is so soupy
even the local meteorological society want a slurp."
Which seems to confirm the Che F. connection. Still, what does it mean? I mean we may have clarified the identity of the chef, but what of the rest of it? It seems the Chronicle of Enderon has the only answer, and in the end it might just turn out to be a glorified recipe book...