PARENTS - Unknown, though Nick Brunswick and Darth Unpleasant were certainly father figures.
SIBLINGS - Egbert Barrett? (Jim had an Uncle Egbert, but nothing is known beyond that)
CHILDREN - Jim Barrett, Anna Barrett
PARTNERS - Queen Paté, Karen?


Jack Barrett was a POG (Power of Greyskull) initiate under the mentorship of Nick Brunswick. When Nick dies during a duel with Darth Castrate, Omra agrees to continue Jack's training, much to the distress of POG Master Yoga. But all does not run smoothly, and Omra is ill-equipped to deal with the brattish Jack and his live-in-lover Queen Paté.

Omra's problems are soon solved by Darth Unpleasant who has seen the great POG potential of Jack, and is able to tempt him to the bleak side. Jack takes to wearing a gas-mask, and renames himself Siddor.

Meanwhile, Queen Paté turns out to be pregnant, and eventually gives birth to twins. In an attempt to prevent Siddor from finding his children and turning them to the bleak side, Omra hides them: Jim is initially cared for by his Uncle Egbert before being sent to boarding school on Gallifrey; Anna is placed under the custody of BabySham, who trains her up to be a bounty hunter.

As for Siddor, he becomes the head of MI7, the military intelligence organisation in charge of space affairs. He later seeks out the Crystal of Enderon, which drives him insane. He orders BabySham to kill everyone, and BabySham obliges, starting with Siddor.

But Siddor is not as dead as we thought, because it seems that Siddor is a time-lord like his son. He regenerates and crops up again in the company of the Wicked Witch of the West, who is attempting to reduce our heroes to gibbering wrecks via Chocobloc. On seeing that she is trying to destroy his son, Siddor kills the witch, only to end up getting bogged down in a tag team fight against Fred Harris and Johnny Ball.

He finally dispatches the two and then finds himself face to face with his son for the first time. Jim doesn't yet know that Siddor is his dad, and in fact has been trained up by Omra to kill Siddor. There is a brief stand-off which is interrupted by Fred Harris who, in his dying moments, kills Siddor.

But Siddor regenerates before our heroes, and is about to try and sort out his father-son relationship when BabySham shoots him in the back. Siddor decides to lay dead quietly until everyone clears off, and then returns to the real world to buy his son's favourite pub, the Red Lion.

The lack of any decent parental role-models has left Siddor with a rather twisted concept of how to deal with his son and so he ends up threatening to kill our heroes. This has the effect of forcing Jim into facing up to his ancestry, and he challenges his father to a battle of Logic. Siddor sees this as a great step forward in their relationship and accepts. He defeats his son, who reveals the existence and whereabouts of Anna. Siddor consequently heads straight for his daughter, and another reconciliation.

The reconciliation doesn't go to plan though, and his kids and their friends start attacking him. Then, suddenly, it seems that peace has finally been achieved. But the sentimentality gets too much for him.

Siddor dreams of a new and happy life in Hell, and so prepares to kill his children, their friends, and finally himself. It almost goes to plan, but Leon kills Siddor rather than the other way round. This seems to have messed things up, as Siddor doesn't arrive in Hell. Maybe this is a time-lord thing. It was speculated in Jim's write-up that Jim got to Hell because Stew pulled a few strings. It seems Siddor didn't think things through properly. It may well be normally impossible for the theoretically immortal time-lord to get into Hell. The question then is what happened to Siddor? Did he just cease to exist, or did he regenerate or what? He says "death can come at will and my time on earth is done". A popular theory is that Siddor knew of a method for getting into Hell but was unable to carry it out because Leon shot his face off. An addendum to this is that Siddor was on his last incarnation and so was unable to regenerate after Leon killed him.

Well how many incarnations have there been? We have only seen evidence of four, but it is perfectly possible for others to have occurred off camera. Because of the identity-obscuring gasmask, we may never know.