Rhonwen Stephens

Rhonwen is one of Mid-Wales's leading modern-folk musicians. Her first taste of success was in 1995 as part of the post-Helena's Box folk-rock outfit Llefrith. Her influence in that group soon led to their rebranding as the more progressive Diwylliedig, and their "Llymrïaid" album is highly acclaimed in avant-folk circles.

In 1997 Rhonwen decided to pursue a solo career, assisted by Michael Fox and Dafydd Morgan. '97s "Pomgranad" was voted best debut album for a female solo artist (modern category) in the following year's Celtic-Folk On-Line awards, while her second album, "Mela", received a best album nomination in the Can Werin Cymru ceremony. Her fourth album, "Gweddillio", was released in 2002, and won the Celtic-Folk On-Line modern category prize for the best album by a female solo artist.

On the 26th October, 2004, Rhonwen releases her fifth album "Saets Gwyllt", marking the 38th anniversary of the death of one of her idols, Alma Cogan. The influence has never really been obvious, but Rhonwen writes: "As a little girl, it was the only thing remotely poppy we had around the house, and it had a profound effect on me and to a certain extent on my writing. As I've grown older, I think I've grown obsessive. I collect her records, and what you have to understand is that there was far more to Alma than novelty dancehall songs. She was quite the minx. She's always been an influence: perhaps more on my approach than on my music itself, though if you know what you're looking for, there's definitely something there." That something is a little more to the fore on this album, though by no means to the detriment of her familiar progressive folk stylings.