Turn to Face the Light

Side 1:
A Fool Like You
Love Song on a theme of Classic Venusian Folk Music
(If Romance is a Miracle Then Hold Out for Love)
(Another Bleedin' Heart -) Another Bleedin' Love Song
Let's Go Out Tonight
Side 2:

The Dreams of the Careless Wisher
The Unknown
Lost & Found
Side 3:
We'll Meet Again
(Enter the Darkness)
Brave Young Heroes
42 (Zeroes & Ones)
System Malfunction
Side 4:
Black Hole
Loneliness at Lightspeed
The End of the Line

1st January 7000AD
INT. H.F. Orbitter Shuttle KX115 - W.C. Unit 2B
{ 8:00
Susan Hutchinson:
I'm here
Trying to find where I went wrong
Trying to find where I went wrong,
I guess that I've been here quite long so I'll just stay a while.
Where did we go wrong?
We'd been together for too long,
Our relationship was strong,
Oh, tell me, where did we go wrong?
I guess I'll find out soon in time.
Time has healed me well,
Time can break the spell,
And I'll look forwards and backwards for you,
But you're not there,
You won't even care
If I find you.
Where did you go?
Didn't you know
That you'd destroy me if you left me?
Why did you go
And leave me here,
Cold and alone?
You're just a cold hearted fool
And you don't care how I feel.
And how you hurt me;
You treated me so bad...
God, how you hurt me.
You had no conception of just how bad
You hurt me.
Here still am I,
You hurt my pride
And now I'm bleeding deep inside.
I hate you so bad,
You made me so mad
But I won't be sad anymore
Cos I don't love you anymore.
And how you left me;
You made me so mad
But I won't take anymore.
There's no point in being so sad
About a fool like you.

INT. Unidentified space station orbitting Earth.
The surviving Hawk crew locate a mysterious well surrounded by strange carved symbols.
The expanding sun moves ever closer.

11th April c.10452BC
EXT. Execution platform suspended in the moat of Venus Tower
Paramatheer is executed on grounds of terrorism.

Saturday 9th September 1989AD
INT. The Red Lion, Newquay
Thom Wentworth:
Funny how it all seems really crazy;
Crazy how it all seems really fun.
I must've fancied every woman from 'ere to kingdom come
An' yet I still come back to you.
I guess that there's a hundred different reasons
Why anyone wun't want to go wi' me,
But when it all comes down to it
You know I can't be all that bad;
Try me, you'll enjoy me, just you see.
Some say I'm crazy, some say I'm mad.
Hey, there's nothing wrong wi' havin' fun.
I say "hey, baby, you make me glad to be alive."
I know I'm not the greatest looker,
And as eccentric individualism goes I'm pretty high.
Some say I'm a droolin' pervert,
But really I'm alright.
Once you get to know me
You'll be stoppin' round the night.
There's times you gotta give somebody a chance:
Give a lovin' guy a helpin' hand.
There's times you gotta give in
To the heat of romance.
Let me take you by the hand and show you places;
Let me take you by the hand.

7:30pm Tuesday 12th
INT. The 'Shed':- Susan's surf shack, Newquay.
Lipstick flavoured lips and a bacardi mouth.
Are they crystals in your eyes or are you just plain out?
Those diamonds and the velvet jacket;
That purple skirt and you might just crack it;
Bangles and bracelets and bows in your hair;
Wear your pink slingbacks and your lace underwear
Because the bike's sat waiting and there's no time to spare;
I think it's time I took you out.
Crazy little baby, baby drive me crazy,
Drive me wild; while you're driving
I'll be driving, you behind me.
Let's go all the way tonight,
Get everything just right;
I've got a pretty good feeling
That everything's gonna go quite smoothly.
Everything's gonna be alright
If I know you in the disco light.
Rock me, little baby, rock me;
You can do it if I know you.
You got a certain something, honey,
An' I long to know it too.
And I know that if we make it tonight,
That's us sorted,
Everything'll be just right...
Susan Roe:
Everybody's doing their thing,
You know I want my own thing too.
Do we have to be so cliched
When you know that I love you.
Let's have a quiet night in,
Just me, the dog and you;
Sit by the fire-side and do what we want to do.

1:11am Wednesday 13th
INT. The 'Shed'
Thom Wentworth:
And so I follow through the darkest night;
I've never been this way before,
And now I've lost you.
Where did you turn?
(Baby, it's alright)
My mind has peered through every door.
I call but you don't hear
The shouts and screams but never mind,
The silence is upon me now
And all I fear is stacked against the wall.
It makes no difference
If I'm on my own or you are near;
I go through this alone;
That's how it is
Within the great unknown.
From deep within the un-named sea
I catch a glinting light
Or has the light caught me?
It's so alarming now;
Why don't you hear me call?
It's unbelievable.
And I look to find the reason
But I just can't see a way.
I'm encased within the light
Yet isolated from the day.
It's so good to know
There's still a million lights amongst the stars,
It's unbelievable in a way.
(Baby, it's okay)
And now I'm bottled
In a cylinder of moonlight.
Can't anyone come and set me free?
I'll crack it open, take a brick to it,
I'll call through all damnation
"Set me free!"
But no-one hears me
Through the vacuum of my mind.
Maybe I'll claw my way up through the tube
And maybe learn to fly.
Here, take this rock and crack me out,
It's surely worth a try.
Tear off the skin, what do you find?
Am I just a machine?
Am I just a mind?
Or am I something more
Cos I'm sure that I saw
Something better than this
And I want to see more!
Open your mind,
Give me your brain,
Things could be better,
I'll tell you again!
Through all the lightening,
Through all the rain,
I'll ease all your pain!

INT. The Lighthouse - Thom's Residency - Computer room.
Come on inside now, don't be afraid,
I wouldn't hurt you, just look what I've made.
I'm telling you now, It's gonna be fine.
Give it a shot; it'll blow all your minds.
Everyone tells me I'm clearly insane,
But honest, I'll help you, just give me your brain.
I want you to try on one of my machines.
Babe, I want your body, girl, I want your genes.
And I look to see the reason why you'd want to run away,
But I just can't understand it and I don't know what to say.
I'm encased within the night and isolated by the day.
It's unbelievable in a way.
And I'm only trying to help you,
Won't you give it just one shot?
There shouldn't be any problems
And there's nothing I've forgot.
When I was young I had a dream
And very soon it will come true.
I just need you.
Oh it's unbelievable.
And I look towards the future
But I just can't see the way.
I'm encased within the light
And isolated from the day.
It's so good to know
There's still a million lights amongst the stars.
It's unbelievable in a way.
In a way...

INT. The Lighthouse - Back room
When the powers of evil turn their heads
Towards the children of today,
The whole balance of nature falls away.
When the bells are tolling in your mind
And the churchyard's misty grey,
All those memories come flooding back my way.
There's a fire burning in my heart
Yet it's colder than the snow.
My life has lost its only aural glow.
And as the world is turning through the stars
In the great celestial show,
There's an answer to the questions we don't know.
There's a fire burning in my heart,
It's put a curse upon my life;
It's slowly tearing my body apart;
I wonder if I'll ever make it through the night.
I sometimes wonder if she'll return
With her beauty and her charm...
It's careless wishing:
It won't do no harm.
But if she ever turned her head
Towards life's empty grey,
The answer would find another way.
There's a shadow hanging in my heart;
It's put a curse upon my life;
It's slowly tearing my body apart;
I sometimes wish I'd never make it through the night.
Will we ever see a way to end life's empty grey?
Will we ever see a way today?
Will we still recall the fun we had?
Will we still retrieve our day?
Will we regain the endless love we lost
Before the night returns to day?


y 5'
Thom Wentworth:
For many years I've just observed
The ups and downs of those who've lived:
I've seen them fold, I've seen them break,
I've watched the pain and the heartache
And yet amid the tragedy
It's something that they want to be.
I'm either looked on as a lunatic
Or some freak of the mentally sick;
I don't wanna be liked,
I want my words to be heeded
And I'm telling you now
That the spore has been seeded
And life's no fun when you're running around
And you feel that there's nothing there to be found,
Oh little babe, I've seen the light,
A beacon shining in the night
Cos I was lost, but now I'm found;
Awed silence is the only sound
I wanna hear before I die
So honey, don't let them deny
That spark of genius,
That hint of light...
Won't you tell them all I'm right.
Eyes call to the touch,
So conducive and such a breeze;
Stand by to be inspired,
Come on, baby, let's get wired.
Cos life's no fun when you're running around
And you'll see that there's nothing there to be found,
Oh come right here and see the light;
A beacon shining in the night,
Cos I was lost, but now I'm found.
No! Don't run away from me!
You're a fool, you're an imbaseel!
You can run but you can't hide;
It'll soon all be real!
You might learn to hide your feelings,
But what's the use;
I'll set you free, honey,
Turn you loose!

EXT. Cliff edge
And life's no fun when you're running around
And you'll see that there's nothing there to be found;
Oh little babe, you'll see the light;
A beacon shining in the night;
Yes I was lost, but now I'm found;
You're washed up and nearly drowned
But you'll be here before I die
So honey, don't ever deny
That spark of genius,
That hint of light,
When you know deep down I'm right,
And every now and then I get this hot idea
That you and me, honey,
Are gonna get away from here, oh...
(Oh little baby, leave the light,
  a demon smiling in the night,
  Yes you are lost, but you'll be found...)
Lost and found...

1:11pm 12th May 2018AD
INT. Susan's kitchen, Huntingdon
_ 4'
Thom Wentworth & Susan Hutchinson:
I try to forget it,
Yes I try to forget it
But it still returns in my memory:
Why did you leave me here?
My heart has weapt against solitude;
I'm overcome with withdrawl from your attitude
Yet I still persist to live; to survive...
God, don't you miss me?
I miss you.
I miss those things that you used to do.
Do you realise just what pain you caused?
Lord, what pain I'm in.
I'm bald with frustration.
All this time I've been waiting for a call
Or a letter,
Or some kind of correspondence.
I guess I hurt your feelings.
That is just too bad.
All of your strange idealings
Nearly drove me mad.
I guess you're still insane,
I bet you're still after my brain,
We will never meet again some sunny day.
I'm a fool...
I try to forget it.
But my love for you is true.
Please, won't you let it in your heart?
My defences are raised.
Don't you get it?
I still believe you're sick.
Our love was strong.
But it went so wrong...
Oh how I long...
You won't ever win me back.
It won't be long now,
They'll soon walk through that door,
So, honey, I'd run along now
Before you're in the war.
I guess you win again.
I guess that this is the end...
It seems we may meet again
Some gloomy day...

"This is to say
That you gotta move away,
The dog men are coming,
Guess you better start running away;
It's today they're gonna blow you away,
You better go like the clappers
Cos tonight this here old town is gonna blow..."

EXT. Fields
Susan Hutchinson:
I used to think that we'd grown out of this stuff
And maybe life could be a dream come true;
I used to think that perhaps
Even 'Mr. President' new what not to do.
Even though deep down I still posessed a kind of healthy cynicism
Deeper still were seams of yet more blind and misplaced hope,
And despite all this, despite the facts
It still chills me to the bone to think that I could be so wrong.
Pass the bong;
That's all we did.
Perhaps we should've rolled our sleeves up;
Got stuck in, but it was just a game to us.
We never expected this
And so it chills me to the core
To find that everything...
That it all could go so wrong.
And now I'm forced to leave behind me
All that is me.
I'm a ghost now in the line.
We're all just empty, thoughtless carcasses in file;
We are one in the endless serpentine.
And no-one's ever really there,
They're all too busy in their heads.
If there's a front they don't know where they go
And the back ones are all dead.

EXT. A Deserted Town (Possibly Milton Keynes)
And the clouds are darker than they've ever been before
And there's no moon up in the sky,
And, Zoe, god, you'll drive me crazy,
All you ever do is cry.
Hush, there, there...
Look, see, now no-one else is crying
Because they're all much too sad to cry.
And the conga knows the way to go,
They follow the leader and they follow the flow.
Hey Zoe, we'll get through somehow,
Things will be better soon, I know,
And soon the snow'll go.
Zo? Zo?! ZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, Zoe! Don't you leave me now!
I didn't mean it Zoe!!!
God! No!!!!!

EXT. More fields

INT. Hawk Resistance Movement underground outpost
IO   3'
Brian Reverend:
Here's the deal, here's the facts:
Some of you aren't coming back
And those who do, I'll be surprised
If all your loved ones haven't died.
Susan Hutchinson:
Here we gather, here we stand
The brave young volunteers
To finish off this land.
This is nothing I thought I would ever do.
James, are you out there, honey?
Won't you help me through this?
Set the timers
Check the fuse
Big explosion
Headline news
Four hundred left for dead
Get me out of here
It's screwing with my fucking head
They tell me that your unit never cleared.
All is fair in love and war -
Fuck it, I can't take anymore.
Nothing's fair in love and war -
Wipe out the world then steal back the keys to the door;
The door to the future;
A future of happiness
And a future of joy.
See the light that shines on you,
Feel the warmth of day,
Take the heat and let it glow,
Learn to see the way;
The way to the future;
A future of happiness
And a future of joy.
See the light that shines on you
Take the heat and learn to see the way.

Following the war, the people of Earth struggled to rebuild their society,
while those who wanted to were invited to savour the peaceful anarchy of the Hawk Marsian Commune.
The peace was shortlived however, and during the rioting of 2019,
the entire Hawk management, along with a handful of others (of which Susan was one) disappeared
under mysterious circumstances.

6 1:00
For thousands of years, the Earth and it's people suffered many turbulent wars and revoloutions,
the last of which, in the Sixth Milennium, occured following the discovery of an ancient,
part mechanical, part biological computer system.

And no-one was prepared
When the droids came marching into the squares;
They'd defrosted Wentworth,
Cured his pain,
Constructed his scheme:
A mechanical body to fit to his brain.
And no-one foresaw
The problems they'd caused
When the scientists left out the Asimov Laws
And left the computers to reason alone;
When the people awoke
Man had been overthrown.
Together we reap the harvest our forefathers sowed
But we will spare the next generation;
Our chastity pays what we owed.
Thom Wentworth:
I was the master but now I'm the servant.
Mine is the heaviest toll.
I made me too well,
I can't break the spell.
To hell with my eternal soul.

l 2.5
Thom Wentworth:
I turned to face your light;
You blinded me.
I turned to see your way;
You tempted me.
I find my heart inside my soul,
You take me out,
You eat me whole.
You dragged me in your layer;
I chased your light.
Coccooned within a sphere
Of fear and fright.
You eat me whole,
You take my doubt
As you mutilate me
Inside out.
You took my heart and threw my life away.
You've got my heart, you've got my soul,
You've torn apart the perfect whole.
Like a light upon the surface of a lake
I'm distorted and fragmented at the break.
My life is all over now.

The nine missing Hawk members and a further two find themselves transported to the last days of
The eerie red glow of a smog ridden sun barely penetrates the smog-ridden sky:
Rob Smith:
If you turn to cast your eye
Up towards the night sky
You won't see me.
I live in a land where there's no sunshine,
Where there's no skyline,
It's a dreadful place to be.
And if you could look upon the future
That's where I'll be;
It's lonely being me.
As we float across this land
Hand in hand
In a world that we both know,
I recall this cherrished land
As I knew it long ago
In its warm and solar glow.
And if you look into the future
That's where I'll be;
It's cold, naturally.
Trying hard to stay alive
In the cold of the night.
You can't turn to face a light
When you're faster than light.
I once said:
If you stop to paint the portrait
You'll lose friends on the way,
But don't let it stop yourself
From living life your own way.
And if you look into the past
You'll see the truth.
You can't help but stop and realise
The errors of our youth.
I guess that that's the simple truth.
I was caught in a land of illusion,
Humanity's dead, man is gone
Because he's gone so far
That he can't live
And he can't give at all
And he's wasting away.
The parasite of innovation
Haunts us all till the day we die.
My love I need you endlessly,
Yfere forever, just you and me,
A love like ours should never die.
All fall down.
You can never change our lives from what they are,
You know we're born, we live, we die.
Heaven isn't all that far away;
I know, I've been there.
If only mankind could,
I guess he'd probably cry,
But he left us yesterday.
Yes he did.
And that's not all that far away.
It isn't light-years away...

On a monorail, Susan's fere, Peter is infected by a nanobotic virus which slowly reconfigures his mind.
Later, at a makeshift camp-fire, seven of the team huddle for warmth.

p    5'
Peter Phorbes:
I guess it's the two of us,
Here, cold and alone
That makes me wake and realise
That we're all on our own.
Turn to face the truth,
Learn the errors of youth.
It makes me wonder
Why we bother to go on.
We persist in believing
In a heaven for everyone.
Turn to face the light,
Feel the cold of the night.
Where's all the love gone?
Where do we all belong?
Where have our kind gone wrong today?
What makes us pay?
Is there a way to put loneliness astray?
What is devine?
What of this is mine?
Is this the end...
The end of the line for us?
Why do we search our souls
For the reasoning of life?
We scrape our backs out for money
But then all we seem to get is strife.
Turn towards the way,
It's just another day,
The turn to face the light,
Feel the cold of the night.
Our world is falling down around us,
And I'm falling down on my knees
And begging, please,
Restore this broken life I lead
And then,
Then I comprehend,
This is the end.
The end of the line for us.

Returning from their survey, four of Susan's friends, and the ancient robot acquaintence that summoned the squad to now,
arrive at the camp-fire to find a badly shaken Susan, surrounded by six mutilated corpses.
Peter's headless body lies dormant at her feet, an axe held limply in his hands.

INT. H.F. Orbitter Shuttle KX115
W    4'