_EDITORIAL STAFF (back to contents)_

Eve Harper-St.James
Evelin Gabriella Harper-StJames eschewed her publishing-empire inheritance to establish journalistic credentials in her own right. In a monumental career spanning over thirty years she now finds herself at the helm of the world's finest women's magazine.

(acting editor of AView)
Aidan Ross joined AView in 2001 as Social Correspondent: a role he has made his own. In May 2018 he took on the role of acting editor followwing the death of Karl Border.

(AView's TV, film and radio editor)
Miquita Imran had the tough job of succeeding Ivan Methuselah at AView back in 2014. She was previously TV critic for the Independent on Sunday.

(AView's music editor)
Evan David Paris gained a cult following in South Wales during the late '70s and early '80s for his music journalism and tireless efforts to break bands out of the hermetically sealed bubble of the Welsh valleys. In the 1990s he had a brief spell as the record reviewer at the Manchester Gazette before crossing the Pennines to join AView at its launch in 1998. Here, with the assistance of Aidan, Miquita and former AView editor Chrissie Hammond, he continues to conduct the monumental AView Eurovision Project.