Initiated: North Wales, 1975, after the break up of ET CETERA. Lucas and Hustler had been a couple since meeting at university in 1970. After releasing EMOTIONS, Lucas concentrated on painting, while Hustler started a piano shop. In 1984 they released THE GIRL IN THE RED DRESS before disappearing again. They returned at the turn of the century, working with local group MAGENTA MOOR, and as part of the reformed ET CETERA / ET ZENDA. Style: Pianocentric ballads not a million miles away from Peter Hammill, but not nearly so experimental. Often verging on AOR or 6th Form balladry. Songwritiers: Usually either Lucas or Hustler. Occasionally joint compositions. Trivia: Their daughter Claire was born in 1979, and is now in MAGENTA MOOR.

Adam Lucas
Born in Shropshire in 1950, and raised in Aberdeenshire, Adam and his family moved to Belgium when he was ten, and to Canada when he was sixteen. Three years later he returned to Wales to study cultural history at St. David's University. It was here, in 1970, that he met up with Tim Scott and Jodie Hustler, and the three formed the band that would become Et Cetera.

Jo Hustler
Jodie Hustler was born in South Wales in 1950, where her father taught her how to play guitar. In 1969 she went to St. David's University to study art and found herself on the same course as Tim Scott. The two of them formed a close friendship and later that year they were to form a band with fellow student Adam Lucas. 

Following the demise of the band, Jo and Adam, now a couple, moved into a barn in North Wales where Adam began painting. Jo got a temporary secretarial job at minor Welsh record label Clustcwyr, and managed to secure some studio time for herself and her boyfriend to make an album together. 

ADAM LUCAS - piano, vocals / JO HUSTLER - guitar, keyboards, vocals / LINDA JESSOP - flute and percussion on some tracks (all ex-ET CETERA)

Aug '76 (lp - ALH1) EMOTIONS
- Anger / Close to Home / Sadness / Emotional Strife / Very Long Song in Need of a Chorus // The Drop / Life / Illusion / Till the End of Time / Love
CLUSTALH1 - LP - c.45
After the break up of Et Cetera, Adam and Jo retreated into their small house in Wales where they sustained themselves by selling art at craft fairs and doing orchestra work. Together they put together this album, with the assistance of Linda Jessop. It isn't great to be honest... a bit sentimental. At times it is quite good, and reminiscent of Van der Graaf Generator, but at other times it is incipid and nasty. Not a patch on The Eponymous Debut, but far far better than John Craven's CNntyphile.
Since 1977, Lucas has been partner in the Graphics Barn: a draughting firm, printshop and art gallery close to the Clustcwyr studio, which has been responsible for most of the Clustcwyr sleeve-art.

Jo opened a piano restoration shop in 1978 and in the same year, she and Adam married. The following year, Jo gave birth to a daughter, Claire. Meanwhile, Adam continued to concentrate on his paintings, and began to get some of his work exhibited.

As well as this, Jo and Adam continued to play local gigs and folk nights.

now without JESSOP.
                                   / THE GIRL IN THE RED DRESS (EDIT) / THE CHAP IN THE BLACK
- The Girl in the Red Dress pt. I / The Agnostic's Song / Life II // Music / The Voluptuosity Devotee / The Stories of Our Lives / The Girl in the Red Dress pt. II
CLUSTALH2 - LP - c.45'
Following the moderate success of their Girl in the Red Dress 12", Lucas and Hustler released their first album since 1976's Emotions. The eight years have made little difference though, and the sound is amazingly consistent with the previous LP. A must for Lucas & Hustler fans, but that's about it.
now with JESSICA MOORE violin, bass, cello / IAN MATTHEWS drums / CLAIRE LUCAS - guitars (all three of whom later form MAGENTA MOOR)
Aug '98 (7" - 7LH2)(12" - 12LH2)(cd-s - SLH2) DREAMS / THE STORIES OF OUR LIVES
reform Et Cetera in 2001. Continue as Et Zenda (see under).

Jan '02 - Hustler joins MAGENTA MOOR, while remaining in Et Zenda.