Magenta Moor, 2003Formed: Lampeter, Wales...2000, by MOORE, MATTHEWS and JESPER. Moore added girlfriend LUCAS while Jesper brought in OWEN. Maintained interesting working arrangement, with Jesper based some distance away in Sheffield, and only occasionally joining the band live, while Moore, Lucas and Jesper continually exchanged instrumental roles. Style: Ecclectic over produced rock with folk, space-rock, and prog flavourings. Also production numbers and quirky happy ditties. Moved into concept album territory with their second release. Verlecci was very nearly a noise record but Dragon King returned to more conventional territory.Songwriters: Initially all by Jesper, with occasional collaborations from Moore and Lucas. Later group compositions, with decreasing involvment from Jesper. Trivia: Lucas is the daughter of Et Cetera's Adam Lucas and Jo Hustler.

Recommended:  Turn to Face the Light (*8), 11 (*6)

JESSICA MOORE (aka MAGGIE MOORE) - vocals, violin, flute, cello, bass, keyboards / IAN MATTHEWS - drums, vocals / RACHAEL OWEN - guitars, vocals, keyboards / STEPH JESPER (ex- HUNTER'S MOON) -  keyboards, bass, vocals, production, CLAIRE LUCAS - vocals, bass, viola, guitars, keyboards

Jul '01 (cd - AMM1CD) II
- Starship 2020 / Venusian Love Song / Elastic / Mrs Roan / Unshala / Pleasure Pier / Tonight / Nostril Poem / Tresspassers Will... / Caribbean Fun / Another World
CLUSTAMM1CD - CD album - c.40'
The debut album from Magenta Moor. Dripping in keyboards and guitar overdubs this album begins with the whizzy space-age doublet of "Starship 2020" and "Venusian Love Song", before crashing down into a school play-ground for "Elastic" and "Mrs Roan". Phase One ends with the quirky ditty of "Pleasure Pier" and the cheesy "Tonight" begins the second half of the album. Then later there is the raucous "Tresspassers Will..." charting the future of Whinnie the Pooh, the silly "Caribbean Fun", and the dark closer of "Another World". As electro-goth music-hall goes, it's alright.

Sleevenotes excerpt:
Written by Steph Jesper and other members of the collective consciousness, with contributions from the Marquis de Sade.
Magenta Moor vocalises, violins, flutes, cellos, basses and keyboards like there's no tomorrow.
Claire Lucas vocalises, basses, violas, guitars and keyboards for the safety of the future.
Rachael Owen guitars, vocalises and keyboards in hope of a new generation of love, peace and harmony furniture polish.
Ian Matthews drums and vocalises for the benefit of the children.
Steph Jesper basses, keyboards, guitars, flutes, cellos, vocalises and productionates because it's needed for the good of the nation.
Engineered by Dafydd Morgan in the year 2001.

next with JO HUSTLER (ex- ET CETERA) - guitar, vocals, keyboards / STAN ROBERTS (ex- THREE STAR ACCOMODATION) - vocals, guitar / LINDA JESSOP (ex- ET CETERA) -flute, percussion / JOHN CRAVEN - guitars, keyboards, production, vocals
Nov '02 (d-cd - AMM2CD) (d-lp - AMM2) TURN TO FACE THE LIGHT
- A Fool Like You / Destiny / Love Song on a Theme of Classic Venusian Folk Music (If Romance is a Miracle then Hold Out for Love) / (Another Bleeding Heart - ) Another Bleeding Love Song / Let's Go Out Tonight // Unbelievable / The Dreams of the Careless Wisher / The Unknown / Lost and Found /// We'll Meet Again / (Enter the Darkness) / Brave Young Heroes / 42 (Zeroes and Ones) / System Malfunction // Black Hole / Loneliness at Lightspeed / The End of the Line / Terminus
CLUSTAMM2 - Double LP - c.90'
CLUSTAMM2CD - Double CD - c.90'
An epic double album charting the life of the unluckiest woman in the world, from her first disasterous relationship to her role in the destruction of the planet. Note: The CD edges carry "secret" 'vinyl' grooves. The LPs have the same messages hidden on them somewhere too.
Next on Japanese import, and now without Craven and Roberts:
  Feb '03 (lp - OBI001) VERLECCI
- (track titles written in symbols)
    (cd-s (SMM1) +=) Dragon King (Full Version); (12" (12MM1) =) Dragon King (12" Version) / Flight of the Dragons
    (lp (officially AMM3 but labeled 12MM1) =) all of the above tracks (packaged exactly as the 12")
CLUST7MM1 - 7" single (green vinyl) - c.10'
CLUST12MM1 - 12" single (green vinyl) - c.15'
CLUSTSMM1 - CD single - c.30'
Recorded in a cave near Sheffield, here are half a dozen edits of the same lengthy (almost Meatloaf) track. Note: some of the 12"s were LP length (with no distinction made in the packaging).
Aug '03 - Members and tracks appear on Et Cetera's Vivus DVD.
Nov '03 (cd - AMM3CD) (lp - AMM3) MAGENTA MOOR
CLUSTAMM3 - LP - c.45'
CLUSTAMM3CD - CD album - c.45'
This is a moody single-track prog-rock epic about a ghost on a moor, recorded on a real moor at Halloween for that genuine atmosphere. Dedicated fans should buy the CD version as there's a secret flexidisc hidden in the case.
Jesper all but abandons the project, and the gap between Magenta Moor and Et Zenda decreases by the day.
Apr '04 (3-lp - AMM4) TERMINUS
- Back On The Line Again / Perseverence / The Trials and Tribulations of Alan the Mighty / Nicola / Beyond the Golden Sunrise // The Independents / The Continuing Adventures of Alan the Mighty / Doing the Irish Box / Fart of a Thousand Fuhrers / Alan the Mighty in the Lozenge of Absalom /// Lazarus / Beach Rock / Snake in the Grass / Alan the Mighty's Curious Excursion / Party // TurboDrive / Irreality / Now the Time is Near / Pan's Plea / The Last Temptation of Alan the Mighty /// Wentworth // Dragon King
CLUSTAMM4 - triple-LP - c.111'
The final offering from Magenta Moor is two (incredibly long) hours of whizzing, noisy, guitar-led space-age folk-prog in which a jilted pyromaniac stalks his ex. A mixed bag of noisy guitars, cheesy ballads and all in between. Jesper does her best with the production but is unable to disguise some of the ropier tracks. Turn to Face the Light was pushing things at two discs, but this really is an album desperately in need of an editor. Perhaps there's one record's worth of decent material here, but that's at best. This immolation is well timed. (Warning: May contain secret tracks).
The above is partly made without Jesper and Owen, both leaving to DISABLE BELGIAN WARP. As a result, the line-up practically converges with ET ZENDA.