Formed: St. David's University, Wales...1970 as ZENDA THE SHEEP by LUCAS, SCOTT and HUSTLER. Played free gigs in a vegetarian cafe where they were joined by JESSOP who was working there at the time. Her boyfriend IMESON was persuaded to join and the band branched out into folk-rock under the name ET ZENDA. Split in 1972 to concentrate on their studies. Reformed in 1974 after Lucas and Hustler persuaded JOHN CRAVEN to join. He renamed the band ET CETERA and they recorded legendary album EPONYMOUS DEBUT. All copies were destroyed in a fire prior to release yet some bootlegged versions miraculously circulated and the album is one of the most influencial ever. The band split following the fire, and the disappearence of drug-addled Scott. Recently reformed with new bassist for a brief comeback tour, with Lucas and Hustler staying on for a new term of Et Zenda. Style: moved from STRING BAND influenced folk-rock of Et Zenda to Craven's slightly psychotic post- New York rock-balladeering iced liberally with synths and guitars, and decorated with Bonzo-esque humour. Songwriters: Craven wrote most of Eponymous Debut, with Imeson and Lucas providing much of the rest. Trivia: Because there was no copywriten material left after the fire, and no evidence to support ownership, many bands have taken some of the songs as their own with amazing success. An intended re-issue of the album was canceled after various ownership problems and an eleventh hour injunction.

Recommended:  Eponymous Debut (*8); Et Zenda (*7)


ADAM LUCAS (b.Shropshire, 1950)- vocals, piano / IKE IMESON (b.Nottinghamshire, 1946) - drums, vocals / JO HUSTLER - keyboards, guitar, vocals / TIM SCOTT - bass, guitar / LINDA JESSOP - percussion, flute, vocals

1972    recorded live session, eventually released on 2002 album (see below).

Adam Lucas was born in Shropshire in 1950, but spent most of his childhood in Aberdeenshire. At the age of ten, he and his family moved to Belgium, and at sixteen they settled in Canada. Three years later he returned to Wales to study cultural history at St. David's University. It was here, in 1970, that he met up with Tim Scott and Jodie Hustler, and the three formed a band. They called themselves "Zenda the Sheep" and played covers of Bonzo Dog Band numbers. The Incredible String Band and Gong were also in their repertoir. Adam would sing and play piano, Jodie would strum on an accoustic guitar and sing a bit, and Tim would mainly play bass or an accoustic guitar.

Tim spent most of his university life sat on a hill, playing his accoustic guitar, and singing silly songs to himself - although his singing was not particularly great. He came from Canterbury and had been greatly influenced by the burgening music scene in his home town. Jodie heralded from South Wales and was heavily into folk music. She also had a terrific voice but was normally too shy to use it.

Zenda the Sheep didn't play many gigs. They tended to hang around in the upstairs room of a local vegetarian restaurant, playing for the amusement of themselves and whoever else might listen. One of their regular audience was Linda Jessop, a local girl who worked at the restaurant, and she would join in with the trio on and off, on percussion, flute, and vocals.

They began to write their own material at this stage (about 1971) and came up with about five songs during this time in the upstairs room. The first song they wrote was a mainly instrumental piece based on Pachabel's Cannon, which they called Ambrosia. Adam & Jodie (who were now in a relationship) had written a rock 'n' roll number about a man whose girlfriend had flushed herself down the toilet, and Tim had put forward a few tunes. The one they worked on most though was a song called "Knees and Other Leg Parts", about a man having his leg amputated. Tim had written most of it a couple of years earlier, and he and Jodie finished it off over a plate of vegetable samosas.

The three of them, along with Linda, started to play the odd folk night at local pubs, but their psychedelic leanings were generally frowned upon and the group became more and more reclusive.

It was at this point that Linda's boyfriend, Ike Imeson, showed an interest. He was from Nottinghamshire originally but had moved to Wales with his family at the age of 16. He had returned from his university studies in Leeds with a maths degree and a drum kit, which he could hit competently. He'd heard the band play a few times and was of the oppinion that what they needed was a good drummer behind them.

They brought him in on a trial basis, and had a few practices at his house before deciding to explore this more percussive sound further with something of a change of direction.

This change of direction was also coupled with a change of name. "Zenda the Sheep" became "Et Zenda" for when they were outside the vegetarian retaurant and with the drums, but remained "Zenda the Sheep" for their quieter upstairs moments. With this change, Jodie moved to keyboards.

With Ike, the group penned another couple of songs: The Calculator Song, about one man's love for his calculator, and All Sit Up, which was about nothing much, but which had a scarier feel than the previous songs: a jolly tune but with a slightly menacing edge.

Et Zenda played a few gigs but were largely unpopular and so didn't do it too often for fear of their own safety. In early 1972, the group disbanded to concentrate on their studies.

The following year, Adam & Jodie (now known as Jo) went on a trip to New York. Here they bumped into John Craven who was by this point already a celebrated guitarist having played with John Mayall, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. Craven was in New York looking for a new project. He'd milled about with Cage and Warhol, and more recently had played with Wayne County and Alice Cooper. Adam and Jo persuaded Craven to return with them to Wales to restart Et Zenda. Craven, who was keen to return to the U.K., agreed, and the band reformed with Craven on guitars. After a few practices he was suitably impressed, and layed down the money for some studio time. In december 1973, the six of them went into the studio to record an album. At this time they were calling themselves "Et Zenda et al", but on seeing that the last line of all their lyrics was et cetera, Craven suggested that Et Cetera would be a more appropriate name. Being as Craven was not only playing with them but also paying for them to record an album, the rest of the group took him up on his suggestion.

-- Evan Paris
added JOHN CRAVEN (b. Leeds) - guitar, keyboards, vocals (ex-ALICE COOPER, ex-PINK FLOYD, ex-JOHN MAYALL)


Recorded on Tapioca, but unreleased:
- You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round Like a Record Player Right Round Round Round / Return to Zenda / Bramalian Rhapsody / Ashes to Ashes / Cistern Addict / The Other Side // All Sit Up / Paranoia / Knees and Other Leg Parts / Vegetable Stew (Because I Love You) / The Calculator Song /Ambrosia
TAP374091 / CLUSTAEC1CD - Unreleased LP/CD - c.40'
Legendary and well covered album. Owing to a fire, all copies and proofs of ownership were lost. For many years, the only record of this infamous disc was a number of bootlegs, of mysterious origin, that have inspired so many artists. An attempt to reissue the album in the 1990s was effectively blocked by the major labels. The only official releases have been the reworked versions of "Paranoia" and "Ashes to Ashes" put out by John Craven. Live versions of some of the tracks are also to be found on the Et Zenda album.
Adam Lucas tried desperately to stamp his mark on the album with the thematics of "Return to Zenda", but it is the tracks of newcomer John Craven that really shine out. "Paranoia" remains the one uncovered classic.

------ Band split after SCOTT disappears. LUCAS and HUSTLER go on to have a sporadic solo career. JESSOP joins them before becoming a teacher.

ET CETERA reformed in 2001 to re-release their album (slated as ClustAEC1CD but withdrawn due to legal problems), and to tour. Band were as before but with JESSICA MOORE (of MAGENTA MOOR) or FLINTON THORNS (ex-SQUARE ROOT) on bass instead of the missing SCOTT.

LUCAS and HUSTLER then reform ET ZENDA with following guests:
    MAGGIE MOORE (of MAGENTA MOOR) - bass, flute, cello / IAN MATTHEWS  (MAGENTA MOOR) - drums.

Jan '02 (cd - AEZ1CD) ET ZENDA
- Swift as the Wind / Cistern Addict / Knees and Other Leg Parts / Mr Apollo / Carp Sanctamonious / Daymare / A Very Cellular Song / All Sit Up / The Calculator Song / Ambrosia / She Wore a Scarlet Ribbon / Left Help in the Field of Helen's Veil / Yr Defod
CLUSTAEZ1CD - CD album - c.60'
Tim Scott's mum found a tape recording that Tim had made of an Et Zenda performance in early 1972, one of the last gigs they played before disbanding. The first ten tracks of this album are that set, cleaned up a little. It is very interesting listening: two Incredible String Band covers, and a Bonzossong feature in the set, but more excitingly, two other compositions by Tim Scott - the ones that were supposed to have been on Eponymous Debut, but never got recorded due to Tim's ill-health. "Carp Sanctamonious" is a Barrettish number reminiscent of some of Pink Floyd's Piper tracks, while "Daymare" is an emotional account of Tim's struggle with the world. A must hear. "Calculator Song" has different lyrics too... not nearly so hi-tech; and "Ambrosia" has more to it.
The last three tracks are by the new incarnation of Et Zenda, currently operating again in North Wales. Maggie Moore has been working with Adam and Jo for a couple of years after meeting them at a craft fair. Ian Matthews is drummer with Maggie's other project: Magenta Moor. The tracks are heavy-ish psych-folk in the style of Barafundle-era Gorky's Zygotic Mynci.


Release 2001 concert film:
Aug '03 (dvd - DEC1) VIVUS
- Starship 20-20 / Venusian Love Song / All Sit Up / Return to Zenda / Mr Apollo / Paranoia / Knees and Other Leg Parts / Cistern Addict / Trespassers Will... / Soil Survivor / Interzone / Death and the Melon / Sleeping Heavy / Death Bitch Queen / Fuck Window / Jesus Spits / Dead Clergy / Smokes / Puffing Billy / Folsom Prizon Blues / Bo'weevil Blues / Race with the Devil / New Dawn Fades / A Plague of Goths / Ever Since You Told Me That You Love Me (I'm A Nut) / Daddy Daddy What Is Heaven Like / Over the Rainbow / The End / Swift as the Wind / You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round Like a Record Player Right Round Round Round / Vegetable Stew (Because I Love You) / The Other Side / Anger / The Stories of Our Lives / Emotional Strife / The Girl in the Red Dress / The Drop / Life / Life II / Close to Home / lllusion / Love / Dreams / Ashes to Ashes / Bramalian Rhapsody / The Raven's Flight / Souls We Dry-Cleaned Before / 11 / Ambrosia / The Calculator Song

ET ZENDA continue to perform sporadically, with the return of LINDA JESSOP and (following the demise of MAGENTA MOOR) the addition of CLAIRE LUCAS - vocals, bass, viola, guitars, keyboards